The alleged killers of Borja villac were arrested in Toledo


The alleged killers of Borja villac were arrested in Toledo

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La The search for alleged killers From Borja vilac, Brother of the former deputy mayor of Madrid Bijwa Vilak, Killed after a shooting on the Fuencarral-El Pardo roadIt’s paid off, it’s paid off.

In A little more than 24 hours From crime to the National Police This miracle stopped the two men Who escaped After the murder of Borja Vilak On the Madrid road.

    CAD lifting time

The moment cadre lifted Borja villac after the shooting death

In Recorded video By some neighbors in the Bardo area Minutes after the murder, You can see a woman and two men Changing car license plates In a ditch by the side of the road.

The Two men left the car And they ran away while That the woman who was accompanying them was leaving in that car, The BMW is gray in color. In the afternoon of the same day the woman was arrested. And the The police started a device to find his comrades.

Arrested in Juncos (Toledo)

The individuals were It is located and is held in the town of Juncos (Toledo, Near the area where they reside. One of them is Kevin pastor, The woman’s son She was arrested yesterday afternoon and she was driving the BMW in which Borja villac’s brother was assaulted. In principle, it will be about The material author of the footage that ended the life of Borja Vilak. The other detainee will be Kevin pastor’s friend and Campbells In murder.

Kevin pastor had a search and arrest warrant On the part of the National Police For several years for various crimes.

The Two people fled This Tuesday after The commission of the murder of bigua villac’s brother. National Police Quickly identify and set in motion severe Try to locate the perpetrators of the crime. Finally, the security forces They arrested the two men.

The The fifth group of murders of the National Police continues to investigate To try To find out the reasons for this event occurred in the full light of Da On a very busy road in Madrid.

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