Hermijuero: Anuel A. recalls his time in prison in “hermijuero”: “in the convention on the rights of the child the word is worth more than money”


Hermijuero: Anuel A. recalls his time in prison in “hermijuero”: “in the convention on the rights of the child the word is worth more than money”

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‘Ant hill’ It was closed in the week that Pablo Motos He was interviewed by polyfactica Leticia Sabater, Journalist and meteorologist Roberto Bracero Singer-songwriter Becky G With a visit this Thursday from the singer-songwriter Emmanuel gazmi Santiago, Technically known as Anuel AA.

After welcoming the last guest of the week, Pablo Motos began the interview by highlighting that Anuel AA gives gifts to the little ones and questioned him about the occasion when he gave one of his necklaces to NIA. “I have already been given five or six contracts,”the Puerto Rican artist admitted. “On tours, I always carry in my bag a part of small chains , with few details, and when I come home from the tour this cow“, Has been highlighted. “Children always ask me about something: Hat, glasses, chain… I do it more for the sake of details, because sometimes they ask me for something that I don’t have at that moment and I give them a string“, He added.

Anuel AA is in Spain immersed in his tour’ Europe tour’. “I’ve already done two concerts and it’s been awesome. I have always said that my favorite place to sing is Spain. I love singing all over the world, obviously, of course s, but Spain is something special“Said the interviewee, whose boss is his father . “Between the two of us we make decisions And now I also have one of my brothers working with me. I feel different, I feel special , because I used to go from my house to work and now I’m going to work and I’m with my parents And with one of my brothers. Everything feels more special“, He assured the singer and composer, who admitted that his father was aware of: “It is important that the people who love you , who are next to you, if they see that you are doing something crazy, stop you and tell you not to go that way because you will crash“.

After the premiere at the ‘hermiguerro ‘his new solo song’ razones’, where Anuel AA collaborated with Ozuna, with whom he made many of his first songs and with whom he has a very special relationship. “The time I was imprisoned , in 2016, Ozuna became the # 1 Latin artist and Wherever Ozuna went, Ozuna always reminded me, asked for my freedom , sang songs more And it helped to keep my music alive. He will always be my brother and that’s something I will always thank him for“, Confirmed the artist born on November 26, 1992 in the municipality of Carolina. “My relationship with Ozuna goes beyond music“, He stressed.


Anuel A and his stage in Kressel: “it’s not how he paints it in the movies”

After an advertising break, Pablo Motos praised Anuel AA for not drowning in his passage through the CRC and asked him to give advice to anyone who enters prison. “First of all, It’s not the way he paints it in the movies , and what he’s talking about about you is your career, The way you walk, the way you treat yourself. That’s what will speak for you. You don’t have to talk or tell stories, but your career is what will talk about you. WS, Money is important everywhere , because money moves the world , but there are many things that go beyond money and in prison the word goes above money“, Revealed the Caribbean.

There are people in prison just like us, people who have made mistakes and ended up in prison serving their sentence because of things in life. God has a different plan for all of us, a goal, And sometimes many of us do not follow God’s intention and end up in such situations. Others we have to go through situations like this to respond and sometimes God puts us in certain situations so that those scars turn us into the Warriors we are now“Continued Anuel AA,who spent 90 days in solitary confinement because he was surprised by a mobile phone inside the prison . They caught me on December 6 or 7 and I was free on January 31, but with this they were late,” said the 31-year-old artist.

Anuel a Tells in ‘El Hormiguero’ how I survived a carouselAtrismedia

After those 90 days in isolation, Anuel AA got another mobile phone from which he called his producer and began recording verses. “Since I’ve been in prison, I’ve been recording. He moved to me and recorded well-done songs. Catch me, That the original song was composed by Eminem and was called Stan, and that it was a song dedicated to one of the fans who went crazy in the song because he didn’t say hello to him once because he was tired and didn’t see him… This is crazy. I think everyone remembers that song and what I did was do the Spanish version on the phone when I went to prison. And that song exploded while I was in prison, when I actually thought my career had been ruined“, Recalled the penultimate guest of the season.

Pablo Motos wanted to know how he was on the first day of Anuel AA after leaving the center and regaining his freedom. “There were my parents and my son waiting for me and the first thing I did was hug them. When I went to prison, the feds did not agree that I could see my son on purpose, to spoil me psychologically. I haven’t seen my son in 15 months. I first saw him about 16 months, I was transferred to a prison in Miami And oh, they approved it for me, ” said former couple Carol J and Yilin Ms viral.

Anuel AA, from prison to the top of music

The host of ‘El Hormiguero’ noted that he later became a star of Latin music. “When I was imprisoned, I thought that after three or four days they would let me be released, but two days later the lawyer told me that bail was refused. Therefore, I called my family, told them what I had, that I was going to spend some time in prison. And although I mentally put the opposite, Ah, I distance myself from people, I even write and don’t write for eight or nine months because in the sense of writing music I had a dead soul , because I thought my career was over“, Noted Anuel AA.

Over the months, many topics that I did not bring up, but leaked out on their own, began to spread widely. Then, from there, the working team that I had at that time, I started posting topics. Y It was very strange , because sometimes I didn’t talk to anyone outside the Center for a month, but there were a lot of topics that I didn’t know about And that I found out because the prisoners were entering the prison that they told me that my songs were hitting the streets well. Y So it was as if little by little I began to get excited and realize that there is hope“, Continued Anuel AA. “Music saved my life. And I have many brothers who were on the street , got into music and changed their lives forever“, He was sentenced.

Anuel A says in ‘El hermgueiro’ that he is still composing from a chairAtrismedia

And finally, the presenter of the entertainment program from Atrismedia Which broadcasts from Monday to Thursday between 21.45 and 22.45 in Antenna 3 He was curious to know if it was true that he, like declar in an interview, wears some jewelry on his penis and whether it is very painful. “I don’t want to play Ms man, but it doesn’t hurt, it’s just a second, it’s a ‘boyada’ in the ‘bug’. It’s a second. God makes everyone different because other prisoners and I stay as if nothing had happened, but there are other prisoners who, when they give” pualada “or see a little blood, faint,” Anuel AA said in conclusion.

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