Germany-Hungary: the match that changed football forever


Germany-Hungary: the match that changed football forever

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There are games that do not expire. In that eternal residence is Germany-Hungary, The 1954 World Cup final in Switzerland, two opponents crossed paths after 70 years again. That July 4th changed football forever with another ‘Maracanazo’ even if it was on neutral ground, the wankdorfstadion in Bern.

The story of the so-called ‘Miracle of Bern’ He highlights that the Germans, dressed up as naive victims, were conquering their first big title on the football planet. Hungaros, The boys of magic with the ball, will not group together in a big competition.

A selection of magicians

The context was devastating in favor of the Hungarians , who have not known defeat for four years. A few months before they went to Switzerland, they desecrated Wembley in one of the biggest exhibitions in the history of football to that date.

‘Stomp’ and an Olympic goal for history

In 1953 England was recognized as a small homeland of the Belen. Hungra He needed a show to resonate all over the world and got it with a huge 3-6, including the Clean goal of the step of pushkas. Stanley Matthews, the beacon of English football, was clear: “they showed To be the best team we’ve ever played against.”Despite being friendly, Budapest was on the street to celebrate an unforgettable achievement.

The accumulation of stars in the Hungarians was overwhelming. With pushkas the commander-in-chief, in and out of speed, by all was hidekoti, A midfielder; Buzek, an organizer; Kocsis, a hit RAM; or Chibor, a winger who played what he wanted according to experts.

The Nazi bill

Hungary won the gold medal at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Germany was the world devil after its period under Nazism and football players came without pedigree with almost amateur consideration.. Sanctions prevented him from participating in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil.

It was our mistake to let them into the game after 2-0. The PAS looked like a funeral and the army and police advised us not to leave the house for a few days

Ferenc Puskas (captain of Hungary in 1954)

The role of the candidates at the World Cup did not affect Hungary. In the first stage the match against Germany was a festival that greatly softened the future. Dancing on the Germans came to Outrageous 8-3, The garnish then becomes indigestible. From that match, which was hit alternately, Puskas came out with an ankle like Sanda.


The Hungarians, without Puskas and his ankle, were knocked out in the quarter-finals and semi-finals of two games against Brazil-in the so-called ‘ Battle of Bern- And Uruguay. The video would have jumped into the air if it had been there before the exchange of blows that can be seen on the grass. In the final match Germany was waiting, the one with 8-3.

On July 4, Everything was ready, except for the rival, for the coronation of hongra as the king of football. Nothing unusual in Bern , in the constant rain, when the Hungarians won ten minutes later 2-0 with goals from Puskas and Chibor. Supposedly he won, but Germany responded. By the 20th minute they had equalized Morlock and helmuthn. A new game was waiting after the break.

Prisoner of war

If you wish, you can see a competitor, etc., etc., etc. Ace until the 84th minute when again Helmut Rahn beats Grosics for a drop. “If someone wakes me up in the morning Or after forty years and he will remind me of the match and I will cry again, ” emphasizes the goalkeeper. Hungra’s reaction and equalizer to Puskas ‘ Goal was nullified by an alleged offside that no one saw during the dakadas.

Fritz Walter, a World War II paratrooper who was captured and saved himself from going to Siberia, was raising the trophy as a German commander. His PAS was regaining its prestige in the world The streets swept away the honor smeared by the Nazis. Das rain has since become known in Germany as ‘Fritz Walter Das’.

Franz Beckenbauer, German and world football legend Recently deceased, Glos as the character Walter:”he was the most important German football player of the century”. After Bern Germany entered the football elite and never left it.

It was a time when the German was defeated, humiliated and frowned upon and the victory of Bern was a moral recovery for the whole country

Fritz Walter (captain of Germany in 1954)

The Depression hit Hungary in several directions. In the book ‘pushkas about pushkas’, (Ed. The left-hander expressed what this disappointment means: “we deserve it. We conceded two silly goals and let them into the game. The PAS looked like a funeral. The police and the Army asked us not to leave the house for a few days.”

The terror of communism

The hangra went into combustion. The Russian influence was evident in the environment, He is becoming more and more repressive. Despite the fact that part of this selection of stars met months later for some friendly There was no way to sew up this wound, Not in football, not in society. Football players have become objects suspected of collaborating with capitalism or spying for the enemy.

The document shows the location of the legendary Final between Germany and Hungary

The document shows the location of the legendary Final between Germany and Hungary

When communism Temptations the Russian Empire They threatened Hungary, as it later became a reality in 1956, she began to flee in search of a new atmosphere. Pushkas, kuksis and Chibor They settled in Spain. The Old choice of magic in the form of pieces is dead.

Such a special match also produced legends. Someone said that Germany can handle water and mud better because Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, has prepared some special cleats for shoes that were changed at halftime. The last one is Mrs. Daina and Siala That the Germans have doped up With materials unknown until that moment.

The world of cinema does not waste a lot of material. German film, The Miracle of Bern (2003), Immortalizing the feat of Germany. Hengra herself was not in the center. After 70 years, Hungarians are looking for The miracle of Stuttgart.

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