Spain’s choice: Spain-Andorra, the first time the three goalkeepers played


Spain’s choice: Spain-Andorra, the first time the three goalkeepers played

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Spain and Andorra They will face each other tomorrow in Badajoz. This match, I closed in on her DA by Luis Rubiales, It is the second match between the two selections. The first one is now 20 years old: in Getafe, on June 5, 2004. At the gates of Euro Portugal, Spain prevailed 4-0. Goals carried a signature Morientes , Baraga , Cesar and valerne.

That was a match in the history of the Spanish national team. And not only because it was the first duel against the Pyrenean neighbor. That afternoon, the Spanish coach iaki Sze did something that had never happened before in the history of the national team: he made three goalkeepers play in the same match.

In the afternoon when it was agreed that the number of changes was 11 (only Vincent Of the 23 selected for the Euros), the starter was under the sticks Casillas. In the first half of the match, Iker left the field to enter Kaisaris. And in the 60th minute, the Valencia goalkeeper gave way to the third goalkeeper: Danny aranzobia. That was the only match in which the goalkeeper of riojano, then in Athlete, I played with the absolute.

South African exhibition

There is another match in which three goalkeepers appeared in the selection goal, but on that occasion nothing was planned and there was a lot of surrealism. Spain in November 2013 traveled to South Africa To play again in Football city, The stadium where they won the World Cup in South Africa. It was the wish of Vilar.

Out of the woods She almost came out with Eleven from the 2010 final, with Casillas Under the sticks. In the first half Valdez came out, but was injured. With Arbeloa with gloves, Tony Grande, The second of Del Bosque was a monster to jump into the Air Charter of the agreed changes and finish Pepe Reina under the sticks despite the fact that Spain had already made the six recognized changes. South Africa won 1-0 and the match was low in analysis FIFA To find out if the official match deal will be kept or not.

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