Real Madrid vs Olympiacos one-on-one: Chacho can never retire


Real Madrid vs Olympiacos one-on-one: Chacho can never retire

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“We can be the best team in the history of the EuroLeague,” said Mario hizonga Hours before flying to Berlin. The Real Madrid campeondefensor I was going for a huge task and started at the top. Give a review of the beginning (23-10, 8′) and the action, because that’s what the ace opponent means, in the end to get ahead of Olympiacos (87-76). They were thrown off the track and then moved to cement. With choral play, rhythm and without allowing it to get muddy. And when he did he knew how to survive the’ dog and veteran’team. The X-contest. Winning the contest will be the best bottleneck seen in the contest.


We can be the best team in the history of the EuroLeague

Mario hezonia

It’s even unfair to choose a name with an ace party. Because Real Madrid was a steamer. But Sergio Rodriguez continues to build a career out of the ordinary. After being ‘reserved’ for a large part of the session to dominate when Madrid suffered. 8 + 4 for making history. They want the EuroLeague.

Fabian Kosor He is one of those veterans who always understands what role he should play. I got out With the first Olympiacos accelerator In the second quarter, Tabin and Mitty set up three times to untie the blockage. He was not present in the second half of the match, as Mathieu bet on his regulars. He defended great, but I didn’t count on continuity. His performance is always positive.

Rating: 7.5

“Rudy (Fernandez) seems to have superpowers. “He always knows where the ball is going,”Chus Mathieu said before the Final Four about one of his captains. And the Balearic does not disappoint. The number does not matter, it’s a way of stealing, throwing and fighting. He did everything. From the very beginning, he threw himself on every ball and posed with that powerful image of stealing to Papanikolaou. It was a little over five minutes on the court, but it was noticeable.

Rudy seems to have superpowers

Chus Mateo


Note: 8

Alberto abaldi Kay has been in his role in recent weeks with Madrid. It makes sense, because there is a lot of competition and it is the day when the best multiply. You have appeared very little time (11 seconds), but your turn this cycle is much more positive than, for example, in the past.

Note: Not Rated

Facundo Campazzo arrived at Real Madrid for Das as. To take control, set the speed and become the most decisive guard in Europe. From the very beginning he made the differences despite the fact that Thomas wokop, the defender of Ao, was his counterpart. Le Mans, he found Tavares, his best partner, again and again. I scored the game from the very beginning which built a big part of the White Pass to the final. And after the second part, Ms. Grace knew how to judge the incident. Draw mistakes on crime and theft. What a cult player. Only three points, but 9 assists, 5 fouls received and 15 evaluation credits.

Note: 9

By Mario hizonia is worth any effort Economic. He is different, exciting and his personality – which often punishes him-is the key in Ace matches. She came up with three three-pointers without fail that launched Los Blancos to the party of the first half. And although the total is not monstrous, he knew how to work in the second part of the match. Looking for rebounds, scoring a good average distance when accelerating Olympiacos, maintaining physical tone at all times. He’s a star. Madrid must give him this Carew to continue.

Note: 9


There is no one like Sergio ‘Chacho’ Rodriguez. PiS Barko when Olympiacos got a warm thanks to petrosev and began to send. Pace, three-pointers and almost more passes than the Greeks in the first half (4). His separation is infinite. He showed this in the last quarter with the game in less than 10 points. I set him an amazing average distance, began to pass. Matteo left him on the court and set the pace. It was his pass from behind the back to Matty De Musa that blew everything up. He’s a magician. And there was Scariolo in the stands. Buttonhole is a dance in games. And he may never retire, please. He is discussing being the best goalkeeper of all time in the EuroLeague.

Note: 10

Vincent Poirier is the second internal option for Real Madrid and that says it all. He can leave , because he deserves a contract like the best From the continent, to Anatolia Efes (as everything indicates), but he leaves his mark on Real Madrid. When connected with the semi-finals blow up the match. Flying, communicating with Chacho and crush. Something more disappeared in the second half, although he had to get out when Tavares was eliminated for fouls. He missed only one shot in the whole match (7/8) for 11 points and three rebounds.


Note: 7

A year ago there was one who discussed the renovation Tavares. I’m back Into the last four, That tournament that dominates the last cycle and causes chaos inside. Every time I receive an inside mate is confirmed. And they give him half of what he should be tall (literally). In the second half I suffered from mistakes, but he showed confidence in sweeping and scoring every time he was injured. His numbers (9 + 3) do not do justice to an already eternal player in Madrid.

Rating: 8.75

The Real Madrid does not need Sergio Yui Overly connected from the very beginning and that says it all. But he was fundamental when he was in contact with the party. Good baskets and three-pointers (69-56, 29′) when the team was really stuck after Arin Alec Peters. After a half distance, also three free throws. 9 points,3 assists and a legend millisecond.

Note: 8

Gershon yabuseli He showed himself as a solid substitute in the attack when the White rotation demanded it. It was presented with a tripod and a tray, always showed reliability. A few pitches, but we hit it every time I needed it. 11 points and without negatively adapting the team on defense, something you always think about.

Note: 7

Ndiaye Record for his role in the past Kaunas Final Four. I went out to score a back pass, Alec Peters hooked up and no matter what fouls were piling up. Okuri himself after the start of the second half, but Peters, who left him very impressed at first, Brill. His game is good in the context in which he was framed, but something more can be asked in attack.

Rating: 6.5


It wasn’t Dzanan Musa Al-Lil (Majika) of Ives in the palace. But he is a worthy candidate for the best player. He is a great Moses. More comfortable than last year, he understands his role better and is able to execute more than being the one who makes. It’s a basic thing with a lot of talent. He did it, next to hizunya, on his way out. And it was vital when Olympiacos urinated heavily at the beginning of the second half. They tied for eight points and showed themselves as the necessary scorer of the match until they reached 20 points. Great game.

Note: 10

It is planned Getting to know I’m going by: I have been very unfair with Chus Mateo. He arrived in additional circumstances, it cost him to assign staff roles. But the second year of your project may be historic. He punched Bartzokas in the face, one of the best sliders in Europe, using the energy of the start and knew how to change his team when Olympiacos pressed. It was difficult for him to change certain dynamics, but he was great when he joined Campazzo and Chacho on the right track to close it. The coach’s coup and Madrid sets a course for the UEFA Women’s Cup.

Note: 9

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