Hiding it in ‘Casa de los famosos Colombia’: Isabella Santiago expelled for assaults and harassment


Hiding it in ‘Casa de los famosos Colombia’: Isabella Santiago expelled for assaults and harassment

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AAlthough there are all kinds of coexistence and reality shows on Colombian television, ‘La Casa de los famosos’ has arrived as a new format, which has succeeded in other countries and promises to be the leader of the ‘rating’. But more than the audience you can win RCN channel With the format, there were all kinds of controversies and scandals, which reached their maximum point with the expulsion of Isabella Santiago for various inappropriate behaviors and against the rules of the program.

Namely, that in the first weeks of the program Actress Natalie OMA betrayed the Panamanian musician and model Miguel Melfi , something that all TV viewers have seen, Including the pair of the already mentioned. Well, the same Alejandro Estrada, also a Colombian actor, entered the house to file for divorce and end his marriage of more than 10 years.

So far, this seemed to be the maximum for eskandalo’s sample, realizing that the Colombian public is conservative and saw this as something completely inappropriate and out of place. However, what happened with Isabella Santiago, Miguel Melfi himself, influencer Camilo bulgarn and influencer Karen Sevillano, crossed all boundaries and that is why the public and social media users are in uproar.

Why was Isabella Santiago expelled from ‘La Casa de los famosos Colombia’?

On May 3, 2024, in the middle of one of the parties that takes place in ‘reality’ every Friday, things got out of hand with alcoholic beverages and most of the participants went for drinks. But instead of falling asleep, Isabella Santiago, Miguel Melfi and Camilo bulgarn ended up in an awkward scene, waking up their comrades, knocking them out of bed, disorganized and broken items, in more than ‘spicy’ conversations and even inflicting physical aggression in the form of a ‘game’.

It all started when Melfi and Santiago were talking on the balcony of the house, perfectly tiled, so Karen Sevillano and influencer Natalia Segura La Segura went to ask panamio to go to bed. From this position, the unfortunate episodes were played out which give a very bad picture of these characters and the same program.

Although RCN did not want to broadcast what happened, it could hardly be seen in its seal that Isabella did not want to let her boyfriend at the party fall asleep, so she entered the room and tried to undress and even lie on his bed because supposedly she was waiting for him to fall asleep. In addition, he had conversations with Sevillano and ‘La Segura’ where it is understood that there were many missing episodes and scenes and that they did not enter the Daily version of the program on the open channel Screen.

Among the conversations that have taken place, involving the decision to expel Santiago, it is seen that Isabella Santiago remains in the group Room of Miguel Melfi, Karen Sevillano and La Segura. But the effects of alcohol on her body made her talk about MS and she even tried to help take off Melfi’s clothes, which she took everything as a ‘toy’.

“Come on, I’ll take it off. I’ll help you.”Santiago told Melfi as he was leaving the place and Karen was getting his attention: “Isabella, leave the boy still and go to your room , we are taking care of the boy”. Then, with a more annoying tone, definitely chop…: “Isabella, for your room. He has already gone to bed, he is not a child , “your room”. In another segment he heard Isabella talking in a low voice with ‘La Segura’ saying they had kissed with panamayo and she was watching’ touching ‘ Ornella Sierra: “I tell you that you accept her for me… In the corner, there was Ornella and everything”.

What CNN didn’t show about the expulsion of Isabella Santiago

Although the Colombian channel did not show everything, it was through the 24-hour digital transmission carried out on the fixs platform that the details of what happened were recorded. And unlike the other seen on the screen, it is clear that Isabella Santiago was not the only one to blame for overstepping the boundaries and violating the rules.

Apart from the broadcast of the program last Saturday, May 4 by RCN, the entire incident was broadcast on the digital platform and internet users recorded what happened and shared it on social networks. Attempts of kisses from Isabella to Melfi were also known , grabbing Melfi for her roommates to get them out of bed, struggles and blows of Camilo bulgarn to follow the game of those already mentioned, blows of Karen Sevillano to let her rest and return the items taken from her in the form of a joke and hair colors from Isabella to Karen.

And although all this will happen as jokes, games and dynamics lived in the middle of drunkenness, all behaviors are contrary to the rules of the program. Being the most serious is the fact that Isabella Santiago, apart from trying to undress Miguel Melfi at one point, eventually removed the shroud covering him and left him naked and the cameras were able to show it.

The decision to expel Isabella and the sanctions imposed on Melfi, Sevillano and Camilo

Well, on the RC channel program on May 4, presenters Cristina Hurtado and Carla Giraldo warned that there will be tough decisions, strong penalties and unexpected expulsions. As Hurtado started talking: “Viewers, I tell you that yesterday, after the party, the behavior of some famous cruise limits you. I’m talking about Karen, Isabella, Melfi and Camilo.”.

While Giraldo explained: “This situation cannot be allowed and the manager has made many decisions that affect all of them. We do not show photos because we consider that concentration should not be in this kind of situation.”. The striking thing is that none of the 2 wanted to point out that the topic was too subtle and that is why the decision to expel was the best.

But in a short video in which the voice of the ‘boss’ is heard, which is like that ‘big brother’ who sees everything and announces what is happening at home, the following is heard:

I have made a series of tough decisions for everyone. The whole house will have a general sansin: there will be no parties until the new regime. There was aggressive behavior from some of you last night… Isabella, you have broken several rules. That’s why you are banned from the competition, leave my house now. Your colleagues will prepare your belongings and bring them to you

He also explained that Karen Sevillano loses her immunity and can be eliminated on Sunday, May 5, by a vote of the public, as will happen with Miguel Melfi and Camilo polgarne. All of them were left on the elimination panel and competed for the salvation of the audience, with less time to collect votes.

At the end of the program, in the live broadcast by RCN, there were apologies from Camilo, Karen Sevillano and Melfi. But since the program did not show or explain what really happened , there was a lot of confusion about the reasons for his heartfelt words and why he mentions so much to Isabella:

“(I want to) apologize to the guys and Isabella, most of all. I feel really bad that he’s gone, I think we saw it as a game, but we were drunk. To apologize to people, to everyone who saw it, the talk got out of control and sounded bad. I feel very sad that a competitor like Isabella was not worth showing up…”Camilo poljarn said.

While, with tears in her eyes, Karen Sevillano said: “I want to talk to my family, to my mom… I didn’t learn this at home, I’m a person who reacts very badly to many things and that’s why I worked a lot internally. I always go to a psychologist, talk about boundaries, this time I couldn’t. Mom, dad and my friend, who are all watching me…”. Miguel Melfi express: “Take the opportunity to apologize, I feel like it was a moment when we understood that it was going to be a game, everything was a laugh. But we understand that the rules are the same, it looks different outside”.

These decisions and measures once again cast doubt on what is happening in ‘La Casa de los famosos Colombia’, as viewers have accused in almost 3 months that the production favors ‘influencers’ with millions of followers, as well as the youngest, most political and scandalous characters of the program. While they affect older people, who have a background in the media and professions without this type of attitude or history.

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