Bijua villac’s brother is shot dead on the Fuencarral-El Pardo road


Bijua villac’s brother is shot dead on the Fuencarral-El Pardo road

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Borja vilac, Brother of the former deputy mayor of Madrid Bijwa Vilak, He was Murder This Tuesday after Receiving several gunshots From a The car that got away In the Route From the Madrid region Fuencarral-El Pardo.

Events took place Near the neighborhood of montecarmello around 12: 30 pm When Two or three people shot with a 7.62 mm pistol at the victim in the middle of the road And after They escaped. Apparently, the Attackers Close up Passage of the car Let him drive Borja vilac He is Full of bullets Shots were fired.

According to police sources, the The fifth group of murders at the high police headquarters in Madrid took over the investigation Of the facts, the circumstances of which are unknown at the moment.

The police have already arrested one person

The Investigators deployed an important police device L Manhunt Through various points from Madrid to The perpetrators of the murder are armed.

And the Biscida pays off Because he has embarked on Detention of an individual Related to shooting. As the National Police announced on its tenth account: “so far, One person is in custody As the alleged culprit of the death of a man By means of shooting In the Fuencarral District of Madrid”.

As reported by “espool”, a BMW X2 is taking another car And ah A passenger pulled out a gun And He shot several times at bijwa Vilak’s brother, hitting him in the head and Trax.

The Samur could not revive the victim because Severity of injuries And the Only doctors managed to confirm his death. Because of several shots to the head.

Possible hypothesis of murder

ABC reports that One of the hypotheses of the murder is a previous discussion about a traffic accident On the route m-612. In fact, another man came to Jimenez Daz hospital this morning with Gunshot wound, Therefore We are investigating whether it is related to the event.

Other information indicates that he It’s about the calculation. Boboli’s victory goes even further and confirms that the National Police He is investigating the murder as a drug of record.

Borja vilac It is part of Grupo ultras Sur And also He belonged to neo-Nazi groups in Madrid such as Hammer skin. He was also associated with The Miami band Work for years in Night clubs From Madrid it was Extensive criminal record.

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