Spanish selection: David Raya, Frank debut


Spanish selection: David Raya, Frank debut

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EL name David Raya She appeared in the previous information to mark Spain’s roster for friendly matches against Albania and Iceland. It was proof that he was following Personnel Of choice. But from now on I was already going to enter…And that career De Gea He was about to stop in his tracks. But that was it. David Raya C. sum a Unai Emin and Robert Sanchez.

Luis Enrique’s idea was that before Albania Robert will play, but on the morning of the match he tested positive for covid. The decision was to headline that special night at Barcelona It was David Raya.

Luis Enrique and the return to Barcelona

The Asturian remains the coach with whom the Spanish national team returned to play in Barcelona, where he has not done so since February 18, 2004. What we witnessed in the Espanyol camp was a great party. “It’s impossible that it would take 18 years to play for Barcelona. I have never seen such a decisive atmosphere, ” he said after the victory.

Friendly: summary and goals of Spain 2-1 Albania

The first time for Morata

“I didn’t even know what I had to do. When the referee handed me the coin I was going to take it, imagine that…”. This is how Morata explained his first match as captain of the national team.

Morata and his Lou in the field draw in his first captaincy: “the referee gave me a coin and…”

Brentfort opens in red

The follow-up of Luis Enrique de Raya, who was holding Addis a de Gea by the hand, was compromised by a knee injury that sidelined him from November to January. He returned, was a starter at Brentford and went to the national team.

I didn’t expect to make my debut, let alone be a starter. It’s da this is what happens to celebrate my career

I’m here to stay, work and fight for the position

Number two of the Spanish goalkeeper

He was a starter against Cyprus and Colombia, which puts him as the second goalkeeper on the ladder. In Qatar it was his turn to be the third. In addition, he had an ankle problem that prevented him from participating in many trainings.

From 13 to 1 from Spain

David Raya made his debut for the Spanish national team with 13, the usual number for a substitute goalkeeper. The election of Seaman to carry 23 makes 1 available to those who are not owners. At the World Cup Robert Sanchez and Raya were at 13. Now the Arsenal goalkeeper is the 1st owner of the choice.

Italy repeats the tragedy: once again out of the world

Italy, the Queen of Europe, would have been left in that Qatar window by losing at home to Macedonia. Let the history of 2018 be repeated. In Palermo Patriotism She lost a qualifying match for the World Cup at home for the first time.

Fucking misery! Trajkovski’s goal that once again leaves Italy out of the World Cup

Fucking misery! Trajkovski’s goal that once again leaves Italy out of the World Cup

Swiatek releases the number 1

Polish tennis player IGA Switek defeated Swiss Viktorija Golubic at the Miami Open 6-2, 6-0. This victory brought her to the top of the WTA rankings.

Russian attack on Lviv

32 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops launched an offensive on the city of Lviv on Sunday after the Kremlin confirmed that it was focused on Donbass and that troops would be mobilized from all over the country.

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