Barra is on the verge of disaster, but Tottenham are on Real Madrid: “at some point they will give us a foul…”


Barra is on the verge of disaster, but Tottenham are on Real Madrid: “at some point they will give us a foul…”

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El Bara Tom bridge Arroyo return to Barcelona With significant anxiety and anger. The problem is obvious, with Real Madrid winning twice in the first two games of La Liga Endesa among the eternal rivals (97-78 and 104-98) played the season without a net. Elimination, with a major failure, by Olympiacos in The EuroLeague ; the loss of the King’s Cup and the Supercup on the national stage ; and on the verge of leaving the Asian Football Confederation. Sensations improve, the result does not. And Madrid, without making a good match, rules. But there is also anger, focused on various moments such as mistakes and connections that you didn’t like anything at the dead end.

Semi-finals of the Asian Champions League. Highlights Real Madrid 104-98 Barcelona

It seems strange because 2-0 is alarming. But Roger grimau, Barra’s technician, had no concerns about stamping his complaints in the bowels of the WiZink Center. “We were brave going to the basket. Contactless media does not serve us. We could not draw mistakes… Oh, and they don’t give us them. It’s good to be brave… Because I am convinced that they will tell us, ” he continued. On the same line, da Silva did not interrupt himself either: “they failed a lot. They were very lenient with Real Madrid.”

We could not draw mistakes, however… They are whistling to us

Roger grimau

Barra, the more all the complaints, the better but does not give a run. Among the few triads are, Although I changed it until 8/17,11 losses Palen and Real Coral. Five players scored more than 10 points (Tavares , hizonia, Campazzo, Moses and Yui), Only hezonga BA from 30 minutes on the court and Madrid knew how to nail Fang when she got a serious second point. As in the last minutes with the last Arin from Labrovitola and Satoransky, or the magic of Yui in the second and third quarters. “We had the rhythm we wanted. We sought to run, get energy and found it. We are in a good moment and we have to take advantage of it“, Explained Chus Mateo.


We are in a good moment and we have to take advantage of it

Chus Mateo

She also worked on the accentuation of colors to bluegrass. In the attack game, it is clear from the excessive internal game that although I had The huge Jan Vesely had no compensation from the outside. The ATRs gap: 60 points conceded in the second half and 201 total. It’s not good news.

On the edge of the abyss…

Palau to make a decision. All Real Madrid have not won this season (83-78 in the EuroLeague and 85-79 in the Asian Football League) are different matches. It allows the wing that tightens more, more and if Madrid is loaded with mistakes to suffer. And to be the first chance to avoid a catastrophic course. In the EuroLeague Les ballast two matches of less than 60 points, in the finals they miss Fang and advance with almost impossible. Neither remont team jams 2-0 or 0-2 in the playoffs of the Spanish Liga Endesa.


For Ms. Enry, in the data you provide Masterchip, It was not appropriate 104 points in the playoffs since 1984 in Zaragoza. And they had 67 injuries without receiving 100 in the fight for the title. A few bleeding numbers that lead to the first final of the remaining three to survive in the Spanish Liga Endesa. “In the first game we lacked attitude, in the second focus and execution. “I hope that the third will be ours,”said Oscar da Silva. They have no other left.

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