Gustavo Petro, champion of polmica Bandera in the Tenez party in support of Palestine


Gustavo Petro, champion of polmica Bandera in the Tenez party in support of Palestine

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LAs The political and ideological positions of the current president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, are more than political and discussed, Not for nothing caused a stir that he became the first president of Colombia in 2022. And just as he supports or keeps silent on issues sensitive to geopolitics, so too He shows his positive thoughts for very problematic reasons and deep skin sensitivities.

The Colombian governor has played a special role forThe situation in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Palestine, With a large number of deaths, attacks by the parties involved, statements by politicians and even the status of the parties in the event that the matter is growing much more. Being Defender of the Palestinian cause and support of accusations to Israel Of genocide with scandalous figures of victims and affected people.

But The remarkable thing is that football, in recent days, has had the role of the great world champion Petro, Always taking him to the political issue and politicizing many things, which divide between those who agree and those who criticize this use of sports to put their ideas and beliefs.

Gustavo Petro, football and the situation between Israel and Palestine

The past Tuesday, May 14, 2024 on the occasion of the visit of the Palestinian-Chilean team to the Bogota millionaires, Many actions and gestures of Colombians were offered to make visitors feel at home and honored. And understand the origin, link and The importance of the southern club with Palestine, they wanted to organize demonstrations in different parts of Bogota: At the airport, at the hotel and before arriving at the El Campen Stadium in the Colombian capital.

But it is known that FIFA and Conmebol have strict rules, laws, penalties, penalties and responses when politics, religion, discrimination and violence occur in football. This prevented many Colombians, who were going to support ballestino in the match against Millonarios for the 2024 Copa Libertadores, could not Insert banners, flags with messages, T-shirts and other items in which they carried clear slogans about the complicated situation In the Middle East between Palestine and Israel and those involved in the case.

All right, Gustavo Petro , a staunch opponent of Israel and a staunch defender of the Palestinian cause, Not only calling for ‘baristas’ and young supporters of his ideas to support the Chile team. There will also be a request for a large Palestinian flag to enter the capital’s Stadium , which Launch a series of policies and responses to the desire to take advantage of a sporting event to present ideas and discourses outside of sports.

But his harsh words, gestures and statements in support of Palestine reached all over the world, even On Saturday, May 18, a flag or’ TiVo ‘ of his character was seen on the tarmac in Tenez. Accompanied by other figures who support the cause, from photos referring to that country to drawings of fans with their heads covered and the Palestinian flag in their hands, the Colombian president appeared.

On flags and banners with several letters, this message is also read, Which means that they are world leaders and personalities who support the Palestinian cause against Israel:

On the right side of history

In the illustration he sees a Gustavo Petro with his right hand raised , a Colombian flag on his neck and on his right chest, while on the left side he has a cuffia or palmIt is a distinctive element for Palestinians and a symbol of their identity outside their territory.

Although this gesture and the photos seem strange, it has been reported from countries such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco , all of them from the Maghreb, that popular ‘bars’, youth groups and other representations of the people, have I brought out these kinds of messages, photos, reviews, flags in honor of world leaders who agree with their ideals.

And on the morning of Sunday, May 19, President Gustavo Petro spoke where there were many messages that highlighted him for what happened The Esperance match from Tenez and Al Ahly from Egypt are valid for the first leg of the Champions League final from Fricka:

When famous football fans are in remote places of Colombia like Tenez, raising Palestinian flags and among them the face of the president of Colombia, it’s because we did something good. To be on the side of justice and against contempt

But unlike what happened with Petro and his last days talking about football and bars, athletes and ‘baristas’ themselves filed complaints to him for breaking campaign promises and forgetting about these pockets of the population that supported him in the campaign.

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