Formula 1: Audi will announce its second driver for 2025 and it won’t be Sainz


Formula 1: Audi will announce its second driver for 2025 and it won’t be Sainz

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EThe market is in Formula 1 It’s on fire. The future of Niue, Hamilton has already confirmed, Among other things, now the lights are on Carlos Sainz, Who is one of the best drivers on the grid and has not decided his future for 2025. There are many rumors linking him to two squares, Mercedes and Audi, But it has even come to talk about Red Bull.

Audi, a priori, is not the optimal choice in terms of sports performance , because in 2025 Sauber and currently will remain They are in the lower area of the grill. However, his project is ambitious and a few weeks ago They announced the first driver for the upcoming season, Hulkenberg. Now, Audi will soon announce the driver who will accompany the German in 2025 , and despite his association with Sainz with the team, Antonio Lobato reports that Madrillo is not part of the German national team. As far as Marca has been able to find out, nothing has been confirmed but the resolution of Carlos ‘ future is approaching and will be known in the next 30 days.

According to information posted on Twitter by Lobato, Sainz decided not to accept Audi’s offer, Which was economically superior to the rest and missed the deadline for answering it. Although her admission assured him peace of mind knowing that in 2025 he has an insured team, He decided to take a chance and see if he finds a place in a more competitive team Such as Mercedes or… Red Bull.

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Given its performance, the ‘ 55 doesn’t have to worry about getting offers, which is why I decided to wait to see if it finds a better option than Audi, which is not guaranteed to compete for the High-Altitude Area in 2025. He himself emphasized that he is talking to all the feudal lords. Mercedes is still trying to bring Max Verstappen As a priority option, but Spanish is the main one if the Dutch remain in the Austrian team.

As for the Milton Keynes team, The transition from Verstappen should be expected, If he decides to leave to see that Adrian Newey is gone. Another possibility is that the Austrians will not renew Chico Prez And Carlos can accompany Max in what will be one of the strongest formations of the Great Circus. The upcoming moves at Red Bull and Mercedes will be fundamental for his future.

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