The departure of James from Sao Paulo by Luis zubelda and the losses in Sao Paulo


The departure of James from Sao Paulo by Luis zubelda and the losses in Sao Paulo

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CEvery time James Rodriguez experienced a technical change in the clubs he played , as the term was influenced by a change of Idea and increased demands, But the story also repeats that the left-hander of the Colombian national team does not meet expectations and began to talk about his early departure. And this It always means losing money for being a high-cost football player and no one wants to take it or pay for a final transfer.

As When Real Madrid loaned him to Bayern Munich and the player did not want to stay in Germany, Returning to Spain and leaving freedom for Everton from England. The scenario was repeated when Rafa Bentz arrived to ‘Toffee’ Liverpool and Rodriguez asked for a transfer to Al Rayyan Qatar at a not high costWhile in this club, Qatar and In Olympiacos from Greece, the departure took place early and due to disagreements of the parties.

All of these The club changes happened after the technical changes and in Sao Paulo there are already 2 coaching changes. And although in the transition between Dorival Junior and Thiago Carpini, the Colombian looked for an exit and was not granted because a striking offer did not arrive and because of an alleged debt to the club, The recent arrival of Luis zubelda to the Tricolor will lead to the appeal of this decision to terminate the link.

What is known about the departure of James Rodriguez in mid-2024?

James’s injuries are frequent and become one of the biggest problems for him in continuity, but in some cases they manage to cope with the loads and give him a proper context , such as The state of the Colombian national team and what Nestor Lorenzo is doing to get the best out of El. However, in his current club it is different , in Brazil the demands are higher for big clubs and The arrival of zubelda has left statements indicating that he does not see Rodriguez well in his game.

After the Argentine technician knocked out his first 3 matches, Just count a few minutes with James in the 0-0 draw against Palmeiras, The releases indicate that the departure of the top scorer from the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is imminent. As the journalist Jorge Nicola demonstrated in the program ‘operating system donos da Paula’ from the band series, giving more details about his digital channels.

In the above-mentioned program, conducted by The eccentric and impressive former player known as Neto, who has criticized the Colombian in the past Due to its high cost and insignificant contribution to the five-time Champions League, this was announced by Nikola: “James Rodriguez is going to get out of Su Paulo”, which led Neto to lose control and even asked the production for the title as an exclusive information and did so at the point of shouting: “He’s going to get out! It’s exclusive to Nicola! Write it down, write it down!”.

After that exaggerated and more than Xtra moment, Jorge followed Nicola and gave details about the scenario that he lived with James Rodriguez and Luis zubelda:

Zubelda is the third different technician to pass through Sao Paulo and the third who does not put James to play. Regarding Thiago Carpini and Dorival Junior, zubelda demands more intensity from the players and the only thing that James does not have is intensity. It’s a matter of time , in the middle of the year, we have some suggestions, especially from abroad , to leave

Why is it a loss for so Paulo to be James Rodriguez?

Between Neto and Nicola pointed out that James receives a million reais a month (more than 270,000 euros, almost 295,000 dollars or more than 1,150 million Colombian pesos). A rather high cost for a football player who arrived in August of the year 2023, who takes time to adapt, who barely scored a goal in his first semester and put 3 assists in less than 5 matches, while In 4 months of 2024 he adds score, assists and not up to 10 games played.

But apart from being a high contract and not being rewarded on the field with performances, goals or active participation, it is known that in January 2024 the debts between the club and the player were dealt with. Without being official numbers, Globo Esporte announced that there are about 10.7 million Brazilian reais (just over 2 million euros , more than 2.1 million dollars or more than 9,000 million Colombian pesos).

And although many believe that there is an agreement of federal and economic rights between the environment of James Rodriguez and Sao Paulo, In the balance sheet of the club as of December 2023, the left-hander is counted as 100% owned by the enterprise. As if informing Globo In a note after the presentation of the 2023 numbers of the tricolor sfimo Paolo:

So Paulo has 100% of the economic rights. If the proposal to arrive in the next window, the Tricolor will be able to keep the full width. The contract is valid until June 30, 2025

This means that if there is a sale or loan, an economic entry will be granted to the club and they will be able to repay the debt or make a profit. But If this scenario is preserved and an exit is given by mutual agreement and is released, practically even Paolo will bought a problem with the figure of the ‘tricolor’, Realizing that he received high salaries, they got the file, put him on campus in the middle of his recovery period and let him go without taking advantage of the economic advantage.

And this is what Jorge Nicolas himself said on his social networks, where he delved into what zubelda de James demands in the field and what she can excite in management:

New technology and understanding of football as a game requires intensity. A source close to the president, Julio Casares, told me that the probability that James will become a champion in the zubelda team is practically zero… They do not rule out trading James in the middle of the year at no cost. So Paulo is open to receiving proposals, he will not charge anything for finalizing the contract

If this is achieved, It will be a team that James Rodriguez leaves for free or asks to be allowed to negotiate with other clubs so that he can look for a better future.

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