Mutua Madrid Open: Addis Nadal and Liga Leica


Mutua Madrid Open: Addis Nadal and Liga Leica

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EThe details that the quiz best shows are true Size What was experienced last Tuesday night in The magic box, In the first of Goodbye From Raphael Nadal, He was not under cameras or lights. It wasn’t Parliament From Rafa. It wasn’t Public Standing up, he was not Fabrics And no The trophy. He was Person. And the person who was nearby , who was feeling everything deep down, but who was in Margin. It is not a made-up phrase ‘feel it’ because it I have noticed, And a lot. Whoever was on the track probably couldn’t see it because Nobody He was looking towards the. Whoever saw him in a television competition will notice in Gripping From the camera she happened to focus on him for a few seconds, because those did not mark him with their attention either.

But Jerry Lehika I was there. I forgot From everyone. In his book Selen As a player. Y I was crying. Not at least alive but you could see her eyes Fantastic And a gesture of holding back tears. To all those who live at the moment , that was a small DuelThe person who accompanied us for: Three decades, The whole life, which we enjoyed and suffered, the constant presence among us, begins to tell us that his time to accompany us as he always did is Ends.

For Jerry lehika that time has run out Throughout his life. Jerry lehika was just To win Rafael Nadal in The last Match on one of his favorite tracks. He played very well. Excellent. He showed mastery, despite his youth , in a direct, fast and some erotic game Reflections. The best Nadal, one from 2008, 2012 or 2020 would have put him in Difficulties And the test had hit him. One in 2024, one in the final in a row, has beaten him.

And lehika, Nadal has always been Reference Vital , because both Share The world that people see in the stands from the outside. It’s not that he was or was not his favorite player: it’s a whole generation of tennis players who developed their formative stage during He was one of the Big Three, They had these as a goal, objective and model. Jerry lehika-Tina Four years When Nadal wins the first Roland Garros. Nasi Soon after Rafa played his first professional match. When, in 2017, Rafa overcame the First Age Crisis, he entered the category Cadet And I was starting to live like a professional. Perhaps his style and taste is more for Djokovic Or by means of Federer, But obviously Rafa was, it had to be, Reference A: they were in all tennis schools.

And for Lu Recognized. Before the game, he said,”600 in the world – Rafa’s current ranking-I think I can beat him, “referring then to the fact that he was aware that” Nadal on clay is one of the greatest.” Challenges Tennis even if he does not have his best season. To have a M. A Honors Share the track with L”. With the Polite Professionals who are supposed to Warriors, Both played at their best level, and Jerry Gunn. At the end of the game, in the same way Rafa and Roger cried When he said goodbye at the toilet bowl because they were both watching their shared past, lehika knew he was seeing him The future, A contest for the future can go up. And that his name remains United To Rafael Nadal.

Rafa spoke at the end of the match. He said that I was hoping to be a positive example For the new generations, in the same way that he has said several times in recent months that he wants to retire on the right track Competitive. And he did it once, Mrs. Rafael Nadal He was competitive again, he proved it On the court and even if he cannot play a match again, the lady can already say that he has Achieve the goal For which the withdrawal is marked.

There are games from all sports about which it is said that she should lose both or Both must win. The match between Nadal and lehika was one of the second and Both achieved the impossible to achieve. Lehika wins the match. Rafa won the race. Thank you both for that.

Thanks to Tennis. Sports in which there is Respect, Sportsmanship, recognized as a foreign spirit… Those things Demodes– Come on.

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