Bundesliga: Jan-Niklas best, the Bundesliga reveals that it knocks on the doors of the Liga


Bundesliga: Jan-Niklas best, the Bundesliga reveals that it knocks on the doors of the Liga

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LThe battle between the contenders for Europe in the Liga does not end on the field. With the transfer market just around the corner, The teams of the noble region have already set eyes on planning for the next season in search of the next big deal on the market. In this battle, one name was marked in red. Jan Niklas best, left wing of the German Heidenheim surprise, He has attracted attention both inside and outside the Bundesliga for his performances… And for its price.

About to enter his last year of the contract, Best is contemplating a change of scenery and attracting the attention of Spanish football which increasingly wants to get closer to the vertical game proposed by Germany to raise its competitive ceiling in Europe. Value in 15 million euros, Heidenheim is asking for a much smaller amount to prevent the third highest Bundesliga assistant from leaving for free in the summer of 2025.

Best, which was recently held by The German selection For the first time in his career , he has knocked on the door of his football Lite 25 years old. Having led Heidenheim to its first promotion to the Bundesliga in its history with 12 goals and 13 assists and is on the way to repeating a double-digit campaign that has already settled in the Golden category of Tottenham football (7 goals and 12 assists this season).

It was unified in Germany as one of the extreme of the moment, Best sees with good eyes the possibility of testing his great moment abroad. After the great performances in Spain of players exported by the Bundesliga such as Sorloth, Witsel, blind, Becker or even Bellingham, the Liga is once again looking to Germany for the next great talent at a competitive price

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