Spain selection: one-on-one from Spain vs Northern Ireland Live


Spain selection: one-on-one from Spain vs Northern Ireland Live

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La Selection Espola recovered without any problem from the initial goal of the Irishman and showed his scoring ability. A good photo of Luis de la Fuente’s outfit at the last rehearsal before traveling to Germany To dispute the European Cup. Great news performance a Bedri He has begun to restore his best copy. .

Unai Semin

Unai Emmen came to touch the ball into the Northern Ireland goal with a great stretch but could not prevent the visitors from advancing on the scoreboard. His trip to the right did not prevent the Irish goal to the Ballon d’or. For the rest of the first term he didn’t have much action although he dodged Northern Ireland’s second goal in added time. In the second half, she put a big hand so that the visiting team would not close the gap on the scoreboard.

Note at half-time: 5

Jess Navas

Jess Navas constantly lifted the band and the leather came out of his shoes, which ended with Morata’s goal. A great help from the veteran linebacker and a reward for his determination to play more time on the opponent’s court. To be important in the team for his work on the pitch and for his character and experience outside the green zone.

Final score: 7 < br >


Nacho was one of those who had to go to the aid of Nico Williams to stop Ballard’s entry but he did not get it. For the rest of the first act he was right to start plays and avoid anything possible against the visitors. Good minutes from a football player fighting for the title in an area of the field that looks destined for Laporte and Le Normand.

Final score: 6 < br >

Le Normand

I didn’t start the match in the best possible way. The center-back made the mistake that ended up in the Northern Ireland goal after a misunderstanding with Rhodri and just four minutes later she made a mistake that cost him a yellow. As the minutes passed he was humming and getting closer to his true level with the ball.

Note at half-time: 5


Kokorella takes charge on the left flank and unites with Niko next to the lime line. He was always in the rival field and glued to the lime line to let Niko get inside. He will compete for the position with Grimaldo and show that it is very difficult to beat him in defense with his strength.

Final score: 6 < br >


Bedri received between the lines from the inside and after turning around to look for a goalkeeper he reached the perimeter of the area to shoot hard and adjust. The Canary is approaching his best version and it stretches as a scorer with Spain. With the choice, he shows himself liberated, with the ability and freedom to reach the last meters and the confidence to finish the goal. Two goals in less than half an hour. His improvement is one of the great news of the selection and an injection of optimism for Spain.

Final score: 9 < br >


Rodrigo has already imposed himself on the heart. The Manchester City midfielder is in charge of distributing the game to Spain and after a few minutes of doubts, blocks the visitors ‘ cons. He always puts his team’s game in order and finds spaces that few players realize.

Notes in the first half: 7


Fabin appeared with some shots from afar and combined the interior. The Paris Saint-Germain team attracts rivals through the inner zone to look for superiority from the outside with both sides. He successfully connected from the second line to finish Lamine’s perfect pass.

Notes in the first half: 7


Lamine started the play, which ended with a Navas cross on Morata. One of the Barcelona is the combination of actions inside and on the lime line. It should appear more than exceeded. An amazing ball that put Fabin in the fourth goal for Spain. He searches for his space and puts the skin where it is impossible to defend the opponent. In the second act, she showed great ambition in recovering the ball next to the baseline and helped Oyarzabal. The young bluegrana arrives at the European Championship at a high level and will undoubtedly be one of the pillars of Luis de la Fuente’s team.

Final score: 8 < br >


Morata is already scoring with a check. The striker showed that he is ready to be the captain of a team at the European Championship. She didn’t miss a great cross from Jess Navas and Mark II of ESPA with a great header. With his goal he is positioned as the fourth highest scorer of the national team next to Silva. Very good news for the Spaniards determines the fact that Morata is plugged in.

Final score: 7 < br >

Nico Williams

Nico Williams did not follow his mark on the visitors ‘ first offensive attack and allowed Ballard to open the scoring. That is, in the attack, which is his strong point, he begins to generate danger. He plays more inside to get danger close to the zone. He provided a great assist for Bedri in the third goal for ESPA.

Notes in the first half: 7

From the source

If anyone is able to regain the best Pedri it is Luis de la Fuente. Few people know the Canary as a ryugan technician. The coach has blind faith in the Barcelona player, he has given him confidence, he has helped him to get into more danger zones and against Northern Ireland he shows with his goals.

Note at half-time: 8


Jump to the green in the second act to replace Navas. As usual, I always play on the opposing court. She opened the field so that Lamin could generate danger inside.


The Bayer Leverkusen fullback entered the field after the break to replace kokorella. He is aiming to be the left-back at the European Championship.


He entered the field in the second term and was positioned as a reference at the point of Morata’s attack. Take advantage of Lamin help to re-register with a check. With Joselu’s entrance to the green bass to play on the right.


He entered the field in the second trimester. The center should take minutes from the competition because Spain needs a defender of his level.

Mikel Merino

I came with half an hour to go until the end of the game.


Joselu came 20 minutes before the end of the match.

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