Doncic Pico knocks out the Wolves with a ‘trio of lame’ and brings the Mavs closer to the NBA Finals


Doncic Pico knocks out the Wolves with a ‘trio of lame’ and brings the Mavs closer to the NBA Finals

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A three-pointer by Luka Doncic with three seconds remaining He gave the victory to Mavericks In court Wolves (108-109) And he brings his team closer to the NBA Finals, which puts 0-2 in the playoffsAt the height of the party that Raymond 18 points against In the second quarter (55-37) Thanks to his star. The former Madrid player made some foxes, The whole game was played limping and clearly in pain Each time he supported his right leg , but he worked the miracle with an unforgettable performance that peaked A hat-trick of victories with three seconds remaining.

The Mavs They arrived alive at the break (60-48) Thanks for (16+6+5)Okay, well Irving (5) he barely gave signs of life. And in the third quarter, when Wolves They threatened to break up the party again (66-52), Slovenian, Almost to the lame leg, He takes over the game and with Nine points and two assists He put his people directly into battle (75-70) Before requesting a change. His right knee was killing him..

Irving’s breakthrough and Luca’s charm

Fortunately for the Mavericks, Irving I broke into the second half with 15 points and three key three-pointers They put their team ahead in the fourth quarter. In the final exchange of blows Luka He kept himself with Helps Gafford, lively and Irving himself, Who received a triple pass from the Slovenian, put himself in the lead at 1.06 from the end (108-106).


Luka Misses a knockdown with 30 seconds to go , but Edwards lost the ball To 12 and when there were only three seconds left Doncic was left alone in a change against giant Joubert, Which he disarmed with Gorgeous fade To score a triple of victory (108-109), Because Reed, Which had been signed up until then 7/8 treble, Critical misses of the century. He was A threesome of lame, Another degree of MS for a great player history.

Eighth triple-double of his playoff career

Looking at his stats sheet, with the eighth triple of his playoff career: 32 points (5/12 T2, 5/11 T3 and 7/7 TL) , 10 rebounds and 13 assists, Anyone will say that I played practically lame. A DA Ms Kyrie Irving (20 points with 4/7 three-pointers) appeared in the minutes of the truth to be the best crutch (it was not said better) for the Slovenian star, who had great allies to act in that miraculous return to bfutz Daniel Gafford (16+5+5 caps) and Derek lively (14+9).

In the Wolves The best was Naz Reddy with 23 points and 7/9 three-pointers), Loaned by mistake Anthony Edwards (21 points on 5/17 shooting from the field), Mike Conley (18+5+5 ) and towers Rudi gougert (16 + 10) and Karl Anthony-cities (15+7). But all that was Gonera of no use for those Minnesota, Who will have nightmares a few nights with Luka DoncicAn ogre that even hunts, I put them in a belt with a performance for posterity.


Wolves did not charge an unpleasant second personality too early Anthony-cities At the 5th minute they took the initiative thanks Edwards, Joubert, Reed (32-26, 12 mins). Doncic, very physically depleted, did his best to keep his team in the match with 9 points (2/2 T3), 2 assists and 2 rebounds. Only Gafford (6) I seemed to be second to him , but Mavs, usually solid ATRs, Make water in defense.

Wolves set the limit (58-40)

This sentiment was highlighted in the second quarter, where Wolves, ATRs are more intense and very accurate in attack, They opened the gap with five three-pointers Connelly (2), Edwards and Naz Reed (2) worked to establish Maximum advantage (58-40, 3.20 from the break).

Doncic I came to rescue him with Two home record magic triple passes To bring your team out of a deep coma (58-46, at 1.45). Production (16+6+5) Mavs kept alive the first half in which there was no news of Irving (5+4+2 ).


Anthony-cities I was coming back very aggressive in the third trimester and with Six points, He answered only with two free throws from Doncic , and the teams stretched for Wolves (66-52). SUVs still do not see the light even the former Madrid, Outwardly limping and not supporting his right leg every time he jumps, he takes over the game And with nine points and two assists his team got into the game (75-70).

Luca asks for change

At that time, despite his unstable physical condition, The Slovenian was already flirting with the double threesome (27+8+8 ) After his efforts to enable ARIN to I asked for a change to his coach, Jason Kidd. His right knee was not giving him any rest. Hardy, Gafford e Irving Keep the man without a star (79-77), But the Wolves took a breath with Fifth three-pointer without missing Reid (86-79).


Mavs had the smell of blood and Irving appeared (7 points so then) to put their own forward with Three three-pointers (89-90). But the Reed Luminous annot two more (7/8 P3) To return the matter to its own (94-92, at 6.36). Reappearance Doncic with two free throws and three assists To Gafford and vital to keep the pulse (102-103).

La pontella de Doncic

Edwards With four free throws apparently to tie the victory Wolves (108-103, 1.29 pm), But Irving threesome After Doncic’s thirteenth assist allowed Mavs to rise (108-106, at 1.06). Luca falls with 30 seconds from the end of the game on fire to tie, but Edwards lost the ball 10 of the conclusion and Doncic asked for the ball To get rid of the giant Gobert With a witty fade away and Reign with the trio (108-109). Because Reed He misses the three-way final and his team travels to Dallas with a very grueling series (0-2).

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