Real Madrid: Real Madrid tightens the blockade on masantono and Barcelona withdraws


Real Madrid: Real Madrid tightens the blockade on masantono and Barcelona withdraws

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El Real Madrid Keep narrowing the circle Franco mastantonio. The latest appearance of Argentine football is under the White radar, as this newspaper has been reporting over the past few weeks. The midfielder has become a reality despite only having 16 years old And all the great Europeans have already become closer to the player’s environment, as are the leaders River Plate. The White club has an advantage in a race for which every appearance is decided very soon.

As reported by the Argentine press, the meetings have multiplied in recent days, highlighting a meeting produced between the leaders of River Plate and Real Madrid. The Madrid entity sees mastantonio A safe bet for the future, As shown by his contribution, both in the Argentine Championship (League Cup And Cup) As in the special Editors. Total Eleven matches and two goals, But gradually accumulate minutes of importance.

A month ago, the football player and the club reached an agreement to improve the contract and include A package of 45 million euros. This was a strategic move and avoided another escape at a lower cost as it was Etcheverry, Already signed by Manchester City. The term of the same has not been extended and coincides with the 18 years of the player.

The goal in the Libertadores del new quiri Madrid: what a debut from masantono!

Real Madrid sees it Excessive amount, And therefore he is trying to cut him down , opening himself to the possibility that Stay in the river until the 25-26 season. The Barcelona, Who was also interested in the player, stopped fighting and abandoned him , the newspaper reported Sports. A lot of money for the current state of the club.

The Argentines take their departure from the River Plate for granted, without specifying the moment. It should be remembered that mastantono He has an Italian passport And this is unlike other guys as it happened with Indrek Or Rodrigo You will be able to travel to Europe before the age of majority. There will be no inconvenience, although Real Madrid in this type of operation takes the utmost care.

Mastantonio continues to take steps in his performance and the future of the player. He no longer presents doubts. With 16 years, it seems that he is already one of the MS in the first team of river and his growth seems to have no end. Real Madrid did not stand still and will fight for his signature, despite It is clear that at a price of less than 45 million euros They are included in your checkout item.

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