Slokas leads Panathinaikos, which wins in Belgrade and forces fifth


Slokas leads Panathinaikos, which wins in Belgrade and forces fifth

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Panathinaikos and Maccabi give us a great quarter-final qualifying That is, because it could not be otherwise, he goes to the fifth game. Both teams stole each other from a game at someone else’s Stadium So the final decision of the series will happen in the scenario in which they start everything: OAKA Athens.

It’s the privilege he’s got Panathinaikos wins 88-95 at Maccabi Belgrade In another crazy game, a Russian mountain with alternatives, ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages and a leader above the rest: Slokas. The Greek led Pau to the victory rally in the final stage And to win with more solvency than expected given the equality in the party.

One example of such an equality is 29-26 that the score looks at the end of the first quarter and even more, 50-49 at halftime. Two men were beating each other without protecting themselves in defense. At the final stage, Pau got a good lead, 69-74Which the Israelis had to put on 82-75 with less than seven minutes to go. This was the time when he left Maccabi to defend his interest and get into the final four. They got to 86-81 with 4: 39 to go. From Ah In the end, 2-14 Del Panathinaikos buried local illusions and drew 2-2, which gives us a fifth match in Athens.

Kendrick Nunn The top scorer was green with 27 points, but Kostas Sloukas He was the best of all time , 20 points, and 32 rating. But above all, an excellent trend of the last minutes. Great Lisort, Who provided 17 points and an assist from Mitoglu, With 13.

In Maccabi, Lorenzo Brown I tried it with 17 points, while Tamir Platt and Bonzi Coulson They scored 14 points each and Josh Nebo He made 12. Maccabi caressed him for a long period of the match, but he eventually ran away and now they must do the Machada to win again in OAKA.

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