Mikel Merino: “it’s one of the images of my life”


Mikel Merino: “it’s one of the images of my life”

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Mikel MerinoEscape from the Spanish selection against Germany, and it was done by ‘Good night and good goals’ To go on all related topics with Felipe del Campo.

Question: Maldives with Lola, Manish with Mbappe or Pamplona with friends?

The answer: There are three plans some irreversible, but we have come here to what we have come to compete and realize a dream. Play the euro and continue making history. Without thinking too much about it, I will stay with Manish and play the semifinals. Other plans can be postponed and celebrated at other times but you never know when you will have the opportunity to return to the semifinals of the European Championship.

On 1 and 2 you are already in focus

Mikel Merino, player of the Spanish national team

S. Your wedding before focusing

R. I got married on June 1st and on the 2nd I was in focus with compirus, recovering but in focus. I’m just here on a boyfriend trip but okay. She came here to support me and I thank her and my parents for all the support they give me.

S. Headshot photo

R. It is a creative image of an amazing moment, when you are on the verge of some penalties… It is a decisive action and thank God we have some great photographers and they have immortalized a moment that I can show everyone.

S. Are you aware of what has been achieved?

R. I was aware that scoring a goal at the last minute was milk but as we have lived many of these and it happens to you, no routine, but this is da LDA. It’s football, but you realize that it’s something important and historical. But with all that Morata has lived who wants me to sign the moment you say Oysters. Because you never know when you will live this again. How many times has Spain won at the last minute? Ah you realize that it is something that marks your life and stay forever.

Stuttgart and his father’s goal

R. I was aware because we talked about it before. Not only previously but on many occasions we have commented on it at home. Because my dad thanks for two things on the street. This goal in Stuttgart and the header she scored against Valencia, which was also a similar goal to the one she scored. When Mark went to do my dad’s celebration that I also do in honor of him for everything he meant to me, I was aware that we were closing a circle that was thought closed when he first appeared Ah but we put a bow on him.

P. Elm pass

R. The thought comes before it is concentrated. As soon as he opens the ‘Coco’ ball I see where the centerpiece is, and I make an onmark to the back of the Rediger and the centerpiece and picture from the beginning that the ball will go Ah because you know friends and because you know that it should go Ah. With the quality of Olmo and this center I was thinking that I would come to em, I was ready and only instinct came. You try to control your body, set the times well and let the body do the rest.

S. How do I sleep?

R. I sleep well. We arrived late, we were watching the match repeated on the screens, we had dinner and then to answer messages and sleep. I was so emotionally tired that I stayed dry.

When you meet players of this level, it means that you are doing things right

Mikel Merino, player of the Spanish national team

S. Confronting Mbappe

R. Crossing paths with L again is good news. When you meet players of this level, it means that you are doing things well because these players always advance to the best rounds and we want to play against the best. I’m looking forward to a competitive match, like everyone at the Euros. Fair results where the details make the difference and it’s going to be a good match. Both teams have world-class stars and the details will make the difference.

P. mascara

R. This kind of player you can’t think that they are weak because they are always Ah. It’s a final and he can show it at any moment of the game as he did against us in the Champions League. I appeared twice, clapped my hands twice and decided the game. Even those of us inside know that these players have a lot of danger at any moment.

S. Head blows in Stuttgart.

R. It’s amazing. The story of a book and we were lucky enough to live it ourselves and that it is the same narrator who gives his point of view and also talks about what journalists live. Years and years devoted to this and that are also deservedly deserved.

S. Talk to your dad

R. It was milk. The meeting together at the end of the match was brutal. I love my family and being surrounded by them is amazing. After the game to be able to see their happiness and to see that they shed tears filled me with joy and to be able to talk to my parents was also incredible. For M he is a reference in my life and above all sharing with someone the passion and being able to talk at home about small details is precious. We both made history.

S. Meeting with his father

R. How are you, son? Well, Dad, we have finished training and are already thinking about France. Is everything okay? Without a problem, people are well and fully connected and absorb what the other has to offer. Although everything happens very quickly and in a couple of days another adventure comes. In football you have to be ready, it’s a new adventure every day because it’s a rest and recovery camp and all together for the French. We’ll talk later. You have to Fly Me By and I’m playing like crazy.

S. The feeling of listening to Miguel Merino

R. Listening to my dad is home and being at home. He is a person who raised me, I have a great admiration for him as a football player and how he takes care of us, loves us and fills us with joy. But even if he is on the radio, listening to his voice is always pleasant.

Father. Miguel about Mikel

R. It also gives pleasure, what it is like a football player we all see. But as a person and a son, well, this is something he should be more proud of because he was always above us, even if he was far away. He’s always worried about us. He is an exemplary son and has everything, both as a person and as a football player.

S. Your sleeve of the Mondello that you have on the phone Miguel

R. They liked me to read books to them, give them voices and ask me about stories before bedtime. It was one of the best moments, meeting with my father and seeing how he plays the fool and puts voices. We still have to remember some 20 years after the photo or something like that. Although it will be difficult to get the four of us in bed.

P. Facing France

R. Let’s see, I have always said that as a child I was unconscious and I always had the dream of playing against the best and being a first-class football player. Always have high goals and sights. Win titles and be in the selection. Just like five years ago, this may sound crazy or when you were also young but you have to set these goals. Now it doesn’t seem crazy to win something with the national team, we have already won the nations, we are among the best and very happy with all this.

S. France can be won

R. In this type of tournament, there are good teams that will be very difficult. We have confidence in who we are and we have peace of mind because that confidence worked for us against Germany, Croatia and Italy… We are able to hit anyone and we have incredible potential. We have humility and it’s going to make it difficult for us.

He is a coach who trusts us 100%%

Mikel Merino, player of the Spanish national team

P. freedom of Luis de la Fuente

R. He is a coach who trusts us, gives us peace of mind, trusts us 100%, tells us that we are the best and that he is calm because whoever plays will give a very high level. This leaves you in a good place and when you go out on the field you go with that calm.

S. Penalties, are they trainable?

R.Everything in this life is trainable but tanda’s attitudes are very changeable and difficult to train. But it can be done anyway.

P. Ayoze, Joselu…Newcastle

R. The three of us haven’t spoken together but with Joselu I’ve commented on the Newcastle stuff. It’s crazy that we’ve been here for five years and now we can enjoy some semi-finals here together. Everyone has their own dimension but it’s nice to see friends in other environments and be able to have fun.

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