Real Madrid: plan to continue without Kroos and Modric


Real Madrid: plan to continue without Kroos and Modric

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In Real Madrid, the sports department directs andthe coach trains. Everything is talked about, discussed and agreed upon, although proposals for signatures always start from the technical, indicating the positions that he would like to strengthen. Sometimes they are attended and sometimes, as with Harry Kane last summer,they are not. With renovations, the same does not happen: Ah, it is the club that sets the tone for athenindus

To the rejuvenation process of the team that he has been carrying out in recent seasons, Ancelotti must adapt.

There is a developed plan that is followed with hardly any deviations.

You may like this management model more or less, but in view of the results, it seems obvious that it works.

It is supported, firstly, by the large number of titles won in the last decade, and secondly, by the low performance that football players give after leaving the club.

With this form, Real Madrid decided for a long time that this would be Modric’s last season. It’s not an easy decision and it may not be irrevocable either (in fact something similar happened last year and the Croat got away with it), but they think it’s the right thing to do. Best for the club

. It was this big difference of the last few years that explains where Real Madrid and Barcelona are today: Florentino Perez does not allow anyone, no matter how legendary, to put himself above the club. Modric is a legend, one of the greatest. But

The values of sports management prolonging his career for another year out of gratitude mean postponing the career of kamavinga or Gawler for another year, to give a couple of examples to football players who clearly need more minutes.

However, if Kruse does not follow, Luka’s chances of continuing will probably increase. But a little.

The case of cross is not that he is different, it’s the opposite.

One year later he will be the one who makes the decision to retire or not and the club is waiting for news from him, although the signals that reach them make them think that fulfilling his threat to leave him at the top, something as difficult as unusual.

The 2023/24 season will probably be the best in his ten seasons, which is why Real Madrid would like to have a year of teaching from Professor Alman. But if he decides to hang up his shoes, zero drama…And zero contracts.

Assuming that Kroos is irreplaceable because of the way he plays, there are midfielders in the team who are capable of playing very well, even if it’s in something else.

The plan is taking its course.

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