Real Madrid: Mendy, an unsolved case


Real Madrid: Mendy, an unsolved case

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Ferland Mende He may be one of the few players, if not the only one in recent years, who has fulfilled his contract for six seasons without any renewal or improvement. To date, he has never entered into the renewal policy that the club was conducting, although there were contacts two seasons ago to improve the contract that did not come to fruition. Madrid wanted to wait for the injuries suffered by the Frenchman, But this happened, Ferland regained the place he had already won for the first time with Marcelo still in the team and Now he will be free in 2005 If no one treated her.

Mindy has no news yet from Madrid. Ancelotti has already made it clear that he wants him and expects to renew the French club. The footballer also wants to stay in Madrid The club is also not interested, especially if the football player maintains the level of this last campaign, which he leaves with a letter of freedom. The normal thing, then, is that a solution was found before the season started.

Ancelotti also made clear his opinion on the noble zone of Real Madrid. However, the outstanding issue is whether Davies is excluded or not, which is far from clear. And even if the White club manages to get the Bayern defender in the end, the Italian understands that he is a complement. Carlo explained in the press room that for him Mendy is the best defender in the world…Abe in addition, on the left flank with Vinicius, Rodrigo and even mbabĂ©, the player of Mendy’s profile is almost more necessary in the side than Davies.

At the euro with France

On the other hand, the euro can also be a good offer for the French, both for possible replenishment and for raising its price. The problem is that the part with the defect given that Deschamps does not consider it a start. However, the coach is familiar with the winger’s brilliant campaign at the White club and brought him back after almost two years of absence. Apart from the absence of Lucas Hearn ermendez due to injury, Deschamps is aware that the Real Madrid player plays on the left but can also do it as a right-back, which is the main reason why the manager relies on him. A priori, the left is Theo Hearne ermendez and the right is CondĂ©, But it is clear that if France needed to defend more, no one would do it like the white player.

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