Euro 2024: Cristiano Ronaldo: “I don’t have many years left in football”


Euro 2024: Cristiano Ronaldo: “I don’t have many years left in football”

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EFor Portuguese CCristiano Ronaldo said on Tuesday that his team should keep its feet on the ground But he has to focus on winning the European Championship, because he has talent and is ready to repeat the victory of 2016.

“It’s good to have our feet on the ground but with our thoughts in the sky, which is flying with the European Championship. We are dreaming and we are ready, ” he said in remarks to RTP state radio after the friendly match between Portugal and Ireland played in Aveiro (Center).

He wondered about If you see Portugal Campeonato Europeo as in 2016, And the Madeira striker concluded that you should go “step by step “but”free throat”.

“We have the talent, but as I say many times, talent is hard work, no one gives you anything. The team is ready to work”.

Portuguese crack tAmbien spoke about the time of his retirement. “I don’t have many years left in football. As they say in Spain, every year in a gift pass and can continue to play. Playing after the age of 35 or 36 is already a gift, now I’m 39 and I try to enjoy it every year”.

“The important thing is to be good physically and mentally in order to help the team. And as you know with the choice I am united by lifelong love. I’ve been here for 20 years and I just want to continue”.

I love football, every match is special, imagine yourself at the euro with Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo

Finally, think about The big challenge of dating in GermanyHe said: “I love football . Every match is special, imagine yourself at Euro with Portugal, you feel proud… It’s a dream, like when I was 20 years old.”

“Queenas” won on Tuesday with a score of 3-0 against Ireland, with two goals from Cristiano himself, who after two decades of playing for his national team guarantees that he still feels “pride and passion” in every match.

Roberto Martinez does not confirm whether Cristiano will be the starter

“I’m in a period when I don’t think about the starting XI,” Roberto Martinez said at a press conference After the 3-0 friendly win over Ireland, He wondered if Cristiano’s good showing in the match, in which he scored two goals, indicated his ownership.

When a player like Cristiano, who has two goals, is in the zone and the first option is an assist, it shows competition

Roberto Martinez (Portugal coach

The Spanish technician did not want to disclose any details about which team will jump to the center in Germany, but Praise for the former Real Madrid. “His commitment as a leader is incredible,” he said, setting an example for his teammates. “When a player like Cristiano, who has two goals, is in the zone and the first option is the presence of his teammate, it shows solidarity, companionship and important values of the dressing room to go to the European Championship,”he said.

Joao Felix scored again

He also sees options for winning the European Championship Joe flex, the author of the other goal of the match.

“We are aware of the qualities that we have. We are a great team with a lot of talent and we combine that with effort and work, we know how to suffer. But I think we will be happy at the end of this European Cup”.

The Barcelona player insisted that he would “fight for the title” and assured that he was 100% available to be a starter.

“I always have to do my best to help the team and that’s what I’m going to do at the European Championship,” Adi said.

Another member of the Portuguese team, Ruben Neves, assures that they can finish the European Championship with a win.

“The competition is really tough, but we know that we are a great team and being at our best is very difficult to beat,” he defended.

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