Real Madrid: Florentino Perez and his strategy to sign Mbappe after the 2022 goal


Real Madrid: Florentino Perez and his strategy to sign Mbappe after the 2022 goal

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NOr was it an easy moment in 2022 , when it was weeks before the Champions League final, Kylian Mbappe started to stop answering the phone, He forgot the shirt that Real Madrid had given him for his birthday and many other promises that he had made in the previous months. The answer came on Saturday from cars (May 21), when ah s who dared to communicate with the president of the White club hours before the official announcement, Renewal agreement with Paris Saint-Germain.

For Florentino Prez and the entire Madridismo, it was a cruel blowBut the one who did it better, without a doubt, was the Real Madrid president, who a few days later began to see the Panorama in a different way, forgetting about the rancor and making room for the most convenient way to find the place and the moment to be able to contain the arrival of Kylian Mbappe in the future.

Mbappe’s full farewell message: “I’m leaving France , but I have Paris Saint-Germain in my heart”

Real Madrid during the 22-23 season remained on the sidelines And what he did not particularly want to do was participate in the market created last summer, when PSG knew firsthand that Mbappe would not want to take advantage of the clause by which he could extend the contract until 2025.

Once the striker resolved his conflict with Paris Saint-Germain, That year he resigned, the franc began to issue signals to Real Madrid to help him a few months later. The leaders of the White club allowed a few months to pass and even the first weeks of January 2024, to fit all the pieces together in February and secure the signing of his exile, but it was clear by the desire of both parties.

During all this time, Real Madrid, comprehending what happened in 2022, denied the flagship. He was His tactics to avoid the mistakes of the past , in particular, so that PSG did not bother, And he had time to absorb what was announced in time.

Pride and money no longer have a place in this game. Al-Khulaifi is unable to do anything. Neither is Qatar’s money. No pressure from Macron, The same ones that made him weigh his decision a lot in 2022, and even reached out to his family.

Mbappe, at the time of his commitment with Real Madrid, assumed that There was nothing that would be like in 2022 and that I had to accept some roles as a prerequisite To ride the wave of the winning team, as is the case with the team managed by Carlo Ancelotti.

To close the circuit, One step is missing after taking one match on Friday afternoon. The final is missing, the announcement of his arrival in Real Madrid and the Democrats, but that will arrive already in the first week of June.

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