Real Madrid: it all started on June 14, 2017: the first great contact between Mbappe and Real Madrid


Real Madrid: it all started on June 14, 2017: the first great contact between Mbappe and Real Madrid

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TI started June 14, 2017 In an upscale hotel of Pars. In the same month, an important Real Madrid executive met with Wilfried Mbappe in the French capital and asked him what conditions he would offer his son if the White club reached an agreement with his team and signed the player on their behalf. It was a good offer: a contract for six seasons with a salary of seven million net per year. Especially considering the middle age of her three children: 18 years old. After the meeting, two things became very clear to Madrid. Kylian Mbappe He was determined to leave his club, menako, and his family the sports project and guarantees that he would be a starter wherever he went interested in them as much or more economic circumstances.

Mbappe explosion

By that time The Mbappe phenomenon was going through an explosion phase. In a few months, he went from being an unknown among most fans to becoming the great revelation of the season with Monaco. In his second year as a professional, his numbers certainly impressed: 26 goals and 8 assists in 44 games, Including at least six goals in nine Champions League matches, where he ended up forming part of the perfect Eleven. In the French league his impact was even greater: his 15 goals in 29 matches were decisive for Manko to win the Ligue 1 again after 17 years, for which he was named the best young player of the tournament. He has just won the Golden Boy Cup for the most promising young player in European football. Three months earlier he had made his debut for the French first team, being the second youngest footballer to play for Les Bleus. There was no doubt. This boy with an amazing step was the breakthrough of the moment.

Billingham: “if Mbappe comes, he will take us to another level”

For all these reasons, it is easy to understand that the main clubs of Europe have been flirting with him for several months now. The Manchester City He was one of the most active players, and Pep Guardiola came to meet with the player to try to convince him, as he had done the year before with the young Brazilian Gabriel Jess. Unai Emery did the same with Paris Saint-Germain, and a meal with the footballer and his family in Paris allowed him to explain his project and ensure that he received the title at Paris Saint-Germain, as well as appeal to his origins: the boy was born in the nineteenth District of Paris. On the other hand, Real Madrid did not retreat.

Zidane and a birthday gift

So let’s go back to the beginning and point out. In fact, the relationship between Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid began long before that meeting in June 2017. It was at that meeting in Paris that he made the first of many proposals that he received from the White club over the next six years. But the heroes had known each other for four years before, namely since December 2012. As a gift on his 14th birthday, his parents, Wilfried Mbappe and Faiza Lamari, flew with him to Madrid and took him by surprise to the White Sports City so that he could fulfill a dream and meet two dulos: Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo, which by that time Kilian had the walls of his room lined with his posters.

Mbappe smiled when asked about the Champions League final

Therefore, when at the beginning of 2017 the player and his father (who at that time was still his representative because he had not parted with Fayza Lamari) met with Zinedine Zidane in Valdebebas, it was a meeting of old acquaintances. The issue that needs to be addressed is on the table. In view of the exciting football player he has become and his subtle development, Madrid transferred to Kilian their interest in being able to sign with him. The White plan considered the option of leaving him on loan for a year so that he would have a few minutes that the White team could not guarantee and thus continue to grow mathematically.

The principle followed in the law of Manako

A few months after that meeting in Valdebebas, On the first Saturday of June, Real Madrid won the Champions League No. 12 in Cardiff against Juventus, two weeks after winning the league No. 33. Although it may seem like a paradox, with that the weakness of Mbappe’s signature began to develop. Because although a month has passed, in mid-July, during which adelant exclusively managed to reach an agreement in principle with Manako to transfer his promising striker for 180 million (150 ms fixed 30 in variants), the big obstacle to the closure of the transfer became the player himself, and not Dmitry Rybolovlev or Vadim Vasiliev, chairman and vice-chairman of Manako, respectively. The change that happened was that his parents had more and more doubts that Real Madrid, who had just won their third Champions League in the past four seasons, would be able to part with one of the three stars dedicated to their striker (Cristiano, Bale and Benzema) to give their son the opportunity. And the possibility of staying another year on loan in the Principality did not fill her. Manaku was less than Mbappe.

During those weeks, conversations were more about playing minutes than about millions of nodes. Zidane, a big fan of the player, first gave his consent to the departure of Alvaro Morata He headed to Chelsea and then signed Gareth Bale as a striker who, if necessary, could do without him to facilitate the process. Manchester United, coached by Jose Mourinho at the time, made some moves to sign Banat but in the end they were not finalized in an official offer. Meanwhile, Mbappe is still waiting for Madrid to make room for Killian in the team.

Paris Saint-Germain makes a place for him in the eleven

That’s how we got to Monday, July 24th. The team was in Los Angeles in the middle of a pre-season tour and they had all scheduled a crucial meeting with Mbappe’s parents that was attended by the White club’s senior staff: Florentino Perez, Jose Angel Sanchez and Zinedine Zidane. The goal was to try to convince them that the rotation of Zizou, who gave excellent results that season with the Champions League double, would allow Mbappe to enjoy many opportunities without having to do without Bale, Benzema or Cristiano. In addition, by that time, Manchester City had already withdrawn from the player’s offer, and PSG was on the verge of paying Barcelona 222 million for the clause to terminate Neymar by beating all the players, so that he did not look as big a threat as he really was. But in California they found that Wilfried told them that he was approaching positions with PSG because they were guaranteeing his son a place at Emery starting from the eleventh, as well as a higher salary. Two weeks later, on Monday, August 7, Mbappe’s father called to inform him that he had reached an agreement with the club headed by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who negotiated with Monaco a one-season loan with a mandatory purchase option for 180 million for the following summer. This was the first disappointment in a relationship, the relationship of Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid, which finally ended after many years with a happy ending for both parties.

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