Real Madrid: camavenga: ninety minutes of concentration


Real Madrid: camavenga: ninety minutes of concentration

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Eduardo camavinga has a special task for Saturday’s match against Borussia Dortmund. The Franks Being a starting midfielder From the White team. The anchor, the man in charge of taking the first step or passing when it comes to developing the offensive game of the Madrid eleven. On many occasions to look for a crossover, but on others Try to break the lines with his vertical and bold football. Everything is fine and no one doubts his ability, but the message that the midfielder has been receiving in recent days is clear and resounding: “Do not be distracted and take unnecessary risks”.

The most athletic and modest gesture of kamavinga: football players from MS as they wish!Real Madrid TV

Only Ancelotti knows what would have happened if choamani had not been injured against Bayern. I was aiming for the title In this very important position at the time of To give order and stability The system is for the team and even in defense. The alternative within the current team is none other than camavinga, but the French still have to assume which concepts should be considered as such.

The most athletic and modest gesture of kamavinga: football players from MS as they wish!Real Madrid TV

His way of understanding football, his physical exuberance and the ability that he has to leave rivals behind and even to recover seemingly impossible balls, They led him to live sometimes with a rather unnecessary danger And in a crucial game like the Champions League final, it can be expensive.

Understanding concepts

Doing these gives a face to the Wembley struggle and the future is To accommodate certain concepts when it comes to picking up that green toy that attracts a lot of attention. The technical body speaks of him as a differential player, but he still has to assimilate certain concepts.

The 45 matches played this season They show the coach’s confidence in the midfielder , who during the last season Asemil in the best possible way to play on the left side. Nine absences this year and all but one of them are due to the injury I suffered with France. It is true that in the last important obligations he lost the role of the undisputed novice, but because of this some of his colleagues developed even more distrust of him.

What they want from him in the face of the final Spado admits without a doubt. “Absolute focus from the first moment to the last moment and remember that he is the last or the first who will wear white in London when defending or attacking.”It is true that he is a less centered footballer than choamani, but both in the dressing room and in the technical staff they think that he can also make this position his own.

Great show

Cross’s departure To consolidate the moves for next season within the distribution of positions that Real Madrid midfielders currently have. Kamavinga has been called up to play a key role and the Borussia Dortmund match is a great show To give a football salad blow on the table. Although during the season, Ancelotti asked him to look more towards the opposing goalkeeper as he played a flyer, Zero goals so far, his task in front of the German team is to be a task of order and stability, which is very crucial in a confrontation with so much at stake and that he does not admit failures or concessions to the opponent.

In the league, he searches only for the three clubs on a dozen occasions And in seven of them she managed to shoot between the three clubs. He made 59 mistakes, with 146 rebounds, cut off 29 passes, won 47 interferences, with 318 duels, 198 of which he won.

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