Futsal: Champions League: Balearic Islands defend the title in the grand final


Futsal: Champions League: Balearic Islands defend the title in the grand final

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Benfica: Leo Gogel ; Afonso Jesus, Bruno Coelho,Arthur and Lisio Jr.. As they played: Jacquard, Sylvester Ferreira, Ivan chiscala, higur, Diego Nunes, Edmilson Cocchi, gunalo Sobral and Martim Figueira. Coach: Mario Silva.

Balearic Islands Palma: Carlos Barne ; chaguinha, Mario revillos, Ernesto and Marcelo. As they played: Gordillo, Neguinho, Romulo, Kleber, Muslim and Luan Muller. Coach: Antonio Vadillo.

Objectives: 1-0 7 ‘lesio junior 1-1 9’ chubby. 2-1. 11 ‘ jacquard. 3-1 22 ‘ Liceo junior 3-2. 33 ‘ Luann Muller. 4-2 37 ‘ Liceo junior. 4-3 38 ‘ Marcelo.4-4 39 ‘ Jess Gordillo.

Penalties: Willian (0-1), Arthur (1-1), Romulo (1-2), Bruno Coelho (2-2), Neguinho (2-3), Afonso Giese (3-3). Gordillo (3-4). Nunes, by Carlos Barne. Marcelo, by Martim Figueras. Vincius Rocha (for Carlos Barne)

Referees: Ondrej CERN (Czech Republic) and Denis Kutsi (Ukraine). They dismissed Ernesto (30 ‘and 31′) with a double warning, blaming Clipper (10′), Afonso Jesus (23′), Cocchi (25′), higuer (31′) and Marcelo (49’).

Demirchyan Arena: 1500 spectators.

The brilliant performance of goalkeeper Carlos Barne , in the penalty shootout, And Luann Muller, in the regulated time, allowed Alice Baller futsal to beat and win the match , which will allow him to defend his title on Sunday (19:00, DAZN / IP3/e-sports3)

The entrance of Luan Muller (naturalized Armenian Brazilian) He changed the face of futsal Il Baler Palma, surpassed by the effectiveness of Benfica and the great success under the sticks of Leo Gogel, making Antonio fadillo always lower than the scoreboard (1-0, 2-1 and 3-1).

Luann Muller doesn’t want to bring madness to the stands When he hit after a pass from chaguinha, he cut the distance (3-2). It was not enough, because in Antonio fadillo’s attempt to equalize with the goalkeeper’s player, the loss led to Liceo Jr. putting a distance of two goals.


However, she is injured by the push of Luann Muller, This time O Marcelo restored the differences again and with 1.22″ left Gordillo found the gap that took the match to bruga.

The extra first time, Romulo managed to make the score 4-5, which was denied by Leo Gogel in the second five minutes in front of Gordillo Mario revillos, and without anyone could prevent the match from going to a penalty shootout, as Carlos Barne gave the pass to the final.

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