Futsal: Champions League: Elis Baller Palma futsal, again, European Championship


Futsal: Champions League: Elis Baller Palma futsal, again, European Championship

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KDemirchyan complex ارين 3000 spectators

FC Barcelona Antonio Perez, Katila, Eric mendona and Ferao. As they played: Andre Coelho, Sergio Lozano, Beto, Adolfo and Tor.

Coach Jess Velasco

Balearic Islands Palma Carlos Barne ; Romulo W. 14′ , chaguinha, Neguinho and Jess Gordillo. Also playing: Willian, Manu Gomez, Marcelo, Mario Revelos, Clipper W19′, Muslim and Luan Muller (P.S.).

Coach Antonio fadillo

Objectives 1-0 15 ‘ Adolfo. 1-1 19 ‘ Romolo. 1-2 20 ‘ Filian. 1-3 34 ‘ Neguinho. 1-4 40 ‘ chaguinha. 1-5. 40 ‘ Neguinho

Rabitrus: Nikola Jelic (Croatia) and Nikola manzioni (Italy). They warned Romulo (14′), Clipper (19′), Muslim (29′), Beto (33′), Carlos Barne (33′) and Jess Velasco (34′). Sergio Lozano (39′) was sent off.

The futsal love story of Elis Baller Palma with the Futsal Champions of the European futsal Federation is crazy. The team managed by Antonio fadillo, the last self-proclaimed Campine, took his imagination and raised the trophy again.

It was the beginning of a meeting of persistent alternatives. On the way out, Balearic Islands Palma futsal was a hurricane against goalkeeper Dak Plana, with a great offensive production of 11 shots that prompted Jess Velasco to call a timeout. It was providence because the domination passed through the hands of Irma bar and in a great against, Adolfo opens the scoring. In the middle of the domination of the belograna, Kerner was well solved by ramulo to equalize the contest.

Lived one minute and forty-five seconds can change the game, Well, Palma made his sixth and last mistake that left Carlos Barne, who started the collision, but was replaced by Luan Muller, and Cordobes stopped the throws of katela and Ferao. With a little less than seven seconds left, Willian, from a mistake that surprised Dak Plana made it 1-2.

After the break, Barcelona handed the Balearic goalkeeper, But Luan Muller was stopping and walking away from the number of bar Irma players (Sergio Lozano, Beto, Andre Coelho…) They tried , even in the mix Neguinho made it 1-3.

It’s time to make risky decisions, It did not go well for Jess Velasco and for him, who, on top of their problems, was left with one less after the expulsion, was examined by video by the referees of Sergio Lozano. Thanks to chaguinha and Neguinho, once again, Balearic Islands Palma is turning the corner with the single lady.

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