UEFA opens an investigation with Demiral because of his gesture regarding the second goal of Turkey


UEFA opens an investigation with Demiral because of his gesture regarding the second goal of Turkey

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UEFA has opened an investigation into the case of mireh Demiral For the gesture he made after scoring the second goal in Austria-Turku From this Tuesday. He was wearing the Turkish centre-back’s Jersey as they ran when he scored two goals to Balenciaga and Your team qualified for the quarterfinals, Where you will see faces with Low passes To get a place in the semifinals of this European Championship. Civil Defense He was the figure of the meeting, but he also launched the controversy over his seal.

The Turk made a gesture with his hands similar to a wolf’s head, A very Representative seal of the’ olcoco’movement, Also known as Gray wolves. They are a Turkish organization Terrorist, ultra-nationalist, neo-fascist and Islamist, And according to the Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution, has more than 12,000 members in Germany. The gray wolf means “lineage and strength”, The Wolf is of particular importance for Turkish right-wing extremists and is often represented collaboratively. The show ‘Wolf greeting’ can be interpreted as follows Commitment to the ideology of’olcoco’.”

Therefore, UEFA ethics and Disciplinary inspector Opened an investigation pursuant to Article 31 of the disciplinary regulations on ‘Alleged inappropriate behaviour’ The Turkish defense. “Further information on this issue will be provided in due course,”the EU statement said. Turkey’s next match will be on Saturday against low passes In the quarterfinals of the European Championship.

German minister accuses Demiral

The minister of the interior of the German government, Nancy Visser, sharply criticized mireh Demiral, calling the gestures made by the Turk during his celebration “unacceptable”. “The symbols of the Turkish far-right have no place in our stadiums. “The use of the European Championship as a platform for racism is absolutely unacceptable.

According to the eve agency, this gesture is known as “Greeting Wolves”, A seal considered far-right for being employed by the “Grey Wolves”, a Turkish far-right organization based on a “The far-right ideology of nationalism, anti-Semitism and racism”.

In his tweet, Visser admitted that “Our security authorities are closely monitoring Turkish far-right extremists in Germany. Gray wolves are under surveillance of the Federal Office for the protection of the Constitution. We hope that the EU will investigate the case and study the possibility of sanctions.”, I conclude.

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