Atletico Madrid: Samo and Juliano are playing for their future… In Paris


Atletico Madrid: Samo and Juliano are playing for their future… In Paris

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Samu Omorodion and Giuliano Simeone They will fight for gold the next day Pars games. The first is to defend Spain If he makes it past the cut of four football players he will… Santi Denia Only this week and the second are released with Argentina In a big tournament after Javier Mascherano I included him in the final list.

After returning to the discipline rojiblanca after completing their tasks in Thousands, Both the Spaniard and the Argentine will look at their future from the corner of their eyes from French soil because neither of them knows, with complete accuracy, where he will play next season. Although the good work that the two of them finished in Vitoria During the premiere at Lite makes them have open doors for many clubs on the continent, the truth is that a good performance at the Olympic event will open more doors than they already have.

First , that it would be difficult to obtain its ownership in Selection Isbola by the presence of Abel Ruiz, Its continuity is discussed between in Atletico de Madrid Or his exit. Initially , the idea is that during the pre-season it will be decided whether the next campaign will be kept in the rojiblanca team, but the inability to be on orders Cholo Simeoni, To have everything that happens in France Whatever you pass the sentence on. In the event that he does not convince the technical body or the sports management to be in the team or he chooses to go out to ensure the minutes and not be the last striker at the beginning of the season, the only option that the club is dealing with is a second assignment. That is, this does not mean that you cannot trade if there is an offer that breaks the market. The fact that they are talking about possible offers from Italy or England with figures approaching 40 million euros could rethink plans with Samu Taking into account that Atletico I paid six million to Grenada Last summer, by L. Strong clubs of the major European leagues are ready to bet heavily on the international with Under-21s and offers that will be able to reach the offices of Civitas Metropolitano The amount spent will be multiplied by eight Atletico A year ago.

Giuliano, the wanted

In a similar situation to be Giuliano. The Argentine will have a hard time being Argentina’s number one striker due to the presence of Jolene Alvarez To the orders of Javier Mascherano, But his good work on the left flank can open the door of ownership for him. In the two friendly matches played against Paraguay The pitcher stuck to the lime line and in one of them scored two goals. That is, whether you have minutes or not, the truth is that the offers will not lack to leave as a beneficiary. Coming out of the injury suffered last season with such good feelings made there are no doubts about his performance and clubs look at his ability to score and sacrifice to strengthen their attacks with him. Therefore, in the red and white club there are no plans for a son Simeoni It is separated from Atletico The idea is to go out to brestamo with a club from Liga As a destination. The priority is to play in Spain.

With equipment such as Alaves, Getafe, Las Palmas or Leganes Asked, the Argentine’s idea was also to wait to determine the best possible destination and still be able to belong to Atletico Because with the mattress makers it was easier to get permission to challenge the Olympic Games From any other entity.

In addition, in the stretch of the season in which he played six preliminary matches in the last seven, Giuliano He showed that he can shine on the left flank. His speed allows him to generate a danger to the competitor from the lime line and is another aspect to take into account when looking for a destination. That is, according to how the transfer market develops, its performance in Olympic Games And the amount of attacking football players Atletico, It will not be excluded that it will continue in red and white.

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