Real Madrid: the brain of Dortmund is Nuri Sahin: from the kid with the hat who assaulted Ronaldo to the most ambitious technician with a master’s degree at Harvard University


Real Madrid: the brain of Dortmund is Nuri Sahin: from the kid with the hat who assaulted Ronaldo to the most ambitious technician with a master’s degree at Harvard University

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Do you remember Nuri Shahin? The Turkish footballer who Real Madrid from Borussia in 2011? Well, he’s back to Borussia Dortmund. And although an IS old enough to be on the field (35 years old), he sits on the bench as an assistant to the first coach: Edin Terzic.

Shahin’s football career is cut short by injuries, but very promising as a coach. At the age of 35 He already has experience on the sidelines as a senior technician. Until December, he moved to Antalyaspor, The team to which he hung his shoes, but the call from his club on the winter market changed everything. “It was a difficult decision, because I was very comfortable, but when they call you from home…”. So that Shahin Accept the distress call from Borussia – Qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League but far from the top in the Bundesliga – to be the second coach of the team and strengthen the staff. “And the result could not be better”, They come from Borussia, where they see him some DA sitting on the bench as the first, albeit not as soon as the ambitions of the Turk.

Nuri Shahin was a coach from a young age. Already when he was selected as the best player of the Bundesliga for the 2010-2011 season, which earned him the signature to Madrid, he attracted the attention of his coaches by his remarks after training. The Turk wrote down absolutely all the work that he did in some notebooks that he keeps. Technical notes, exercises conducted in training, coach conversations… Documents that he absorbed as a football player and which made him have some technical concepts much higher than those of his teammates. His conversations with technicians after daily work were also accustomed to understanding the methodology of work. “He was a great football player, if not for the injuries…”, They seal from their surroundings.

Signing with Real Madrid

In 2011, he jumped to Real Madrid at the hands of Jose Mourinho. The silky left-hander and his ability to control the midfield of Dortmund Kampen in Germany earned him his signature with Real Madrid, where he found himself with a knee injury immediately after his arrival. (5) that Jude Bellingham makes a shine today can not be raised by Shaheen, whose injury series one after another. Mourinho’s relentless demands did not help him much either, although he does not have a bad memory of the Portuguese coach. “Quite the opposite!”, Shahin said in an interview on Sky. “He showed me to be a great person and we are still in touch. He was the first person to contact me, for example, When the earthquake disaster occurred in my country. He cares about my condition, about the condition of my family, he offered me help…”.

Klopp and Tuchel, their references

But his reference on the bench is not Mourinho, nor Brendan Rodgers, who had a lot of experience during his fleeting loan to Liverpool. From Anfield, when I was looking for the minutes that I didn’t get in Madrid, I left after four months because of the coach. Madrid and Dortmund helped him escape, opening the return of the brilliant left – footer.

“Klopp and Tuchel are the coaches who have distinguished me the most, from whom I have learned the most .”Shahin enjoyed the championship of Borussia Kampen, which took two Bundesliga from Bayern, Which knocked out Real Madrid with Lewandowski’s four goals, who continued to fight in Europe with Tuchel… And while he was recovering his best copy at home, he was still making notes in his notebooks about what he was doing with Klopp and Tuchel.

At Harvard University

Those who know Shahin assure that he is not a regular football player. “His head is outstanding.”And not only because he speaks five languages. He recently received a master’s degree in sports management from Harvard University, as well as being impressed by his past on courses as a coach. At Borussia Dortmund, in just four months, he has gained the trust of the entire dressing room and it is customary to see him on the sidelines shouting next to Terzic. In fact, a photo of him very similar to the one he starred in the Lisbon final recently went viral in Germany Zidane With Ancelotti. He also participates in tours and matches. “He’s in good shape , to play with us for a few minutes,” she joked Velkrug.

“It’s pure passion on the bench,” they say in Dortmund, where they also highlight his enormous ambition. “Hans-Joachim Watzke has a problem with the offers he receives to leave this summer,”they told Marca at the Dortmund sports city. And it is that Besiktas and Vinod (the last to qualify for the Champions League) are knocking on the door of a technician who dreams of being a champion on the bench again. Despite the fact that Dortmund qualified for the first in the group stage, Shahin was recalled in December due to the doubts that Terzich was generating in the Bundesliga, since Borussia was very far from the top.

The attack on Ronaldo

Qualifying for the final from Champions, Partly thanks to the contribution of Nuri Sahin, it now causes that Borussia is considering a contract extension Terzic After 2025, something that for the former Madrid player will mean a slowdown in his delicate career. Anyone who watches Borussia’s training sessions can testify that Shahin’s role is not that of a cone, but the Turk aspires to be the first coach of Dortmund soon. Among other things, because when he began to get the title of coach, he always had a dream to coach the team of his life, which he saw in the stands as a child and in which he worked as a ball picker. In fact, the first memory of Shahin with Madrid is a photo with Ronaldo in the 2002-2003 season.

On a night when the Del Bosque team saved the furniture thanks to Portillo, a child wearing a hat jumped into the speed center right after the meeting to ask Ronaldo Nazario to take a picture. It was Nouri Shahin, a left-hander who after 10 years played for Madrid… And 22 after that he will sit on the bench at Wembley for the Champions League final against the king of Europe.

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