Peugeot: Peugeot 205 GTi, legend 80, is already ‘forties’


Peugeot: Peugeot 205 GTi, legend 80, is already ‘forties’

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El 205Appeared in 1983, it was a real revolution for Peugeot. With the catalog of ‘serious’ cars even then, this small model with rounded lines allowed the French brand to open up to a kind of Urban youth and our modern driver.


But the history of 205 cannot be understood out of context, which is not the same as the current one. At that time there was no talk of polluting emissions or safety (Volvo was the only one to talk about the latter aspect) , and Power and performance.

Volkswagen opens ‘Milne’

‘Milne’ has opened it Volkswagen A few years ago with the advent of 1976 110 hp Golf GTI. This German model had amazed the world by proposing a car Sports Personality Under the silhouette of Simple utility, The success of the formula led Peugeot to look for a model with a similar character.


As, in March, 1984, the Peugeot Sak to Su market 205 ghti. The car was from a business Gerhard welter, Passionate about the race who was acting as Designer and team leader of endurance cars, And hide under his hat an engine 1.6 liter atmosfrico with a power of 105 hp That I was going from 0 to 100 in 9.5 km / h Arrived 190 km / h.

Mathematical features

The new version is distinguished from other models by Bumpers More massive fronts and with fog lights, thick Side moldings With plastic wheel arches , and Comment Hardening , and Pneumatics Wider and flashy Tires From an alloy.


But, despite this preparation, he was afraid of what the competition would bring out (one year after Renault launched it 5 GT Turbo 115 hp And Fiat will sell her Single turbo i.e. 105 hp) That’s why they started working on more improved versions from the beginning.

Power group

In fact, this was to pretend that the horses won as quickly as possible, until they developed the appropriate changes, they asked for outside help. Specifically, they called the French ready Danielsson, What to modify Cylinder head, camshaft and valves, In addition to one installation Cylinder head gasket More resistant to withstand higher compression ratios. That set, which costs a whopping 11,808 euros (1,605 euros… In 1984) it was offered to buyers as an option , it was not accompanied by any external change and allowed the car to slow down one second in its acceleration (now 8.5 seconds) It will arrive 205 km / h.


As of 1987 The group stopped the show because the releases appeared 1.6 of 115 hp and 1.9 of 130 hp. Almost identical in appearance , one and the other were distinguished above all because the first had rear drum brakes and fabric upholstery, while the more powerful ones were equipped with Discs with four wheels and mixed leather and fabric upholstery.

Other variants

Although it is true that the 205 GTi increased the sports image of the 205 , he was not alone in this task: Peugeot 205 rally, With the engine 1.3 out of 105 horsepower And the features are almost similar to those of the first 205 GTi, contributing to this philosophy of 1987. And the 205 Turbo 16 They won 2 drivers ‘and manufacturers’ titles in the World Rally Championship, as well as two victories in Dakar.


205 GTi was For sale until 1993. But the model, in more modest versions, holds out on the market Until 1999, Which implies that, with 16 years old From ‘life’, the post is on the market twice as long as most models.

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