Le Normand , the invincible football player


Le Normand , the invincible football player

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Robin Le Normand reached the selection by Luis de la Fuente. The coach was one of the factors that were decisive for the arrival of the Real Sociedad footballer in the Spanish team. The technician conveyed confidence and the defender’s response was total and absolute commitment and above average performance. Full understanding. All that was said and done.

One considers Lou Norman a key player and the other responds playfully, Safety and good results, So much so that Spain does not know defeat with the central defeat of the chosen eleven. No choice and does not know how to lose when they join their paths. Twelve matches with the Real Sociedad player in the center , eleven wins (including a penalty shootout against Croatia) and a draw against Brazil.

Signs of the test Le Normand: “I noticed Varan and Beck”

The Spanish international is the third most used player by de la Fuente since his arrival on the bench of the national team. He was overtaken only by Rhodri and Unai Semin He is ahead of such players as Carvajal or Fabien, football players who have become a constant for the coach.

One year as an international

Le Normand appeared for the Spanish national team at the last edition of the league of nations. It was his first two matches with the red shirt of Spain and the first title. And that the way began with a penalty for a hand against Italy, but in the end he stayed in ancadotta. From the first day he dominated the scene And he, inside his shyness, felt another one of choice.

Then came the Euro qualifying matches. Six matches, six starts and six wins meant the passage of Spain to the German designation, overcoming the initial setback suffered by Scotland. Here it was his turn to face Haaland in Norway and he passed the test during the forty-five minutes he spent on the court.

The confrontation against Colombia, held in London, is the only one in which he has not played since his career with the national team began a year ago. Defeat of Spain. Then came the match against Brazil at the Bernabeu. A three-way tie. Andorra and Northern Ireland were the next competitors, in this case in preparation for the euro.

Croatia crossed the path of Le Norman again, in this case already at the euro, and the new Spanish victory. A fight with Budimir, who came out victorious It shows that Meditation does not enter your vocabulary When it comes to challenging the opponent, nor when it comes to taking the ball out. There is no doubt that it is worth it.

Lou Norman Kay is standing in the group. From the first day. Very protected by his comrades in the Royal Society, but Since I can’t Melendy (walk in life) As a greeting, you are already one lady it takes to the maximum of preparation, work and know everything about the competitor who will be in front of him. He knows how to isolate everything when it comes to playing, as he pretends with the issue of Atletico de Madrid and his future. The thing he wants now is to be strong and not miss a dress in the red shirt of the Spanish national team.

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