Davis and Mendy are still not renewed and are keeping the pulse with Bayern and Real Madrid


Davis and Mendy are still not renewed and are keeping the pulse with Bayern and Real Madrid

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A pulse on the horizon. Each side is looking for its own advantage, but with the aim of undoing the knot formed at the left-back of Bayern and Real Madrid, with Alphonso Davies and Ferland Mendy As champions, along with the leaders of both clubs. Strategies, dialogues and negotiations , but the truth is that both clubs are waiting for what happens around these two players, Each one with his own record and style of play. Football players have their hand on renewal offers, but they don’t seem to be very ready to accept them.

The German club was the first to act when it leaked that it was ready to allow time to pass and that Davies would receive a free contract next season in the face of the Canadian’s exorbitant request to extend his contract. The executives of the German club came to say that They were not ready to fall for the requests of the defense And that by officially not knowing anything about Real Madrid, they will let time pass , condemning themselves in this way to see how a football player leaves on June 30, 2025 without receiving euros in return

Madrid’s bid for Mende

In Valdebebas they decided some time ago to offer the renewal of the contract to the French pavilion. As reported by Marka, he arrived after studying the process in detail and listening to Carlo Ancelotti’s request Be one of his faithful, as is Mindy. With the defender on the field, the coach feels more confident, but the proposal made was not what Mendy thought. Something similar happened years ago when Real Madrid wanted to improve his contract.

It seems strange that both entities in the current football would not promote a scenario conducive to negotiation. Put up with a player with the end of the contract on the horizon, She is not usually a good travel companion. They know it in Munich and Madrid. For Valdebebas, they were always clear that one or the other, and two rookies in a specific position such as left back, is not good for the team.

Possible alternatives

Both clubs currently have two left-backs with only one year left on their contracts. By Davies in Munich they are thinking about Theo Hernandez. Real Madrid has been associating his name with the Canadian for some time, perhaps in an exaggerated way, due to the statements of his representative, something that Valdebebas does not like.

The ones that seem to come out of this debate, are Fran Jarque Irma and Miguel Gotti ochrez. The first is with a valid contract and has settled in his role in the first team, because he knows that he has time in front of him to take a step forward. Without haste, but without stopping. The Girona player is still waiting. He is happy about the possibility of playing in the Champions League, but calls keep happening and the possibility of a transfer, Real Madrid will receive half of this amount. Everyone is very happy.

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