Ken man, Justin: a thousand constant operations and a million dollars spent


Ken man, Justin: a thousand constant operations and a million dollars spent

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Justin He was always fascinated by stationary processes. This man turned from 42 years old It becomes clear after a thousand interventions, which means spending a million dollars. The Human Ken, As is known in reference to the grimace of Mattel, Be honest in ‘Life without filters’, From Telecinco He admits that his goal is to strive for physical perfection with a scalpel stroke. “I am interested in getting a more elegant version of the human body,”he explained on the program.

Justin recounted that one of his references since childhood was singer Michael Jackson, who also underwent many aesthetic operations: “I always wanted to become such a character and was looking for that version of myself.”In any case, reaching this final aspect was not a planned goal , because , as he commented, his intention was not to achieve “Ideal of beauty”, But to achieve “His own style” Get to know her.

Americans used to be known by the media as Human Ken, Although admittedly it takes time to fit into this label. “It seemed a little strange to me, it took a while to understand it and take it on board,” sobray said. “I like to look for exaggeration in everything I do and that’s how I started designing implants, it’s fun,” he reflects. Justin An ordinary who intends to prove that surgery was not only for women.

All your static operations

Justin He has gone through the operating room to perform a thousand operations. The Human Ken Modifications were made to The abdomen, muscles, nose, chest, mind, lips and even an increase in the legs. The first one to undergo a stationary operation was to 17 years old, When he was a minor and with the reluctance of his parents. The American decided to change his The noseSomething he did, after that, five times, Mrs.

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