El Hormiguero: Nathi Peluso opens up with Pablo Motos: “feeling that I don’t fit in life gave me strength and made me move on”


El Hormiguero: Nathi Peluso opens up with Pablo Motos: “feeling that I don’t fit in life gave me strength and made me move on”

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‘Ant hill’ The week has started with the visit of the singer-songwriter Nathan Peluso. The artist, born on January 12, 1995 in the Argentine city of luyenen, presented her new work entitled ‘Fat’ In which he switches between rap, ballads and tropical genres. The album will see the light on Friday, it gives May 24th.

‘Fat’ is the first album by Nathi Peluso after ‘cramp’, which she published in October 2020. “I’ve been working and dedicating myself to researching what I had to do“, Explained guest Pablo Motos, who then asked him about the nickname.“The word fat has a lot of interpretations and meanings, therefore it is a word that represents me, Because the ultimate goal is also for this word to remind me of what this journey has made me feel. Besides, fat has always been unconventional. All the pleasures in life have fat“, Said Nathi Peluso, who recorded 15 videos. “Basically, I made a movie, a long format of visuals and each song has a video clip. The magic is that it’s so theatrical , it’s almost all the sequences shot and Everything happens in the same space, the characters change… It’s a story“, She has loganense

Nathan Peluso displays ‘fat’ in ‘anthill’Atrismedia

After an advertising break from half a dozen ads, Pablo Motos noticed that Nathi Peluso appears on the cover of ‘fat’ without clothes from the waist up and with her long hair covering her breasts, but with three panties at the same time. “It’s a statement of intent. I took a lot of photos for the cover, but I chose that one because it is the one that best reflects my intimacy. Sometimes in life you have to look in the mirror and realize who you are. I would like to invite people to my house to get to know me, To eat, to make a table and chat. And I think that photo was the most intimate“, Highlighted the 29-year-old artist.

Pablo Muto has commented that ‘ fat ‘ is a more intimate album in which Nathan Peluso is more vulnerable. “I think it’s a natural reflection of learning and growth. One analyzes oneself , one reflects, and indirectly, if one is honest, one sees oneself reflected in what one writes“, The opinion of the interviewee, who was asked by the driver of” El Hormiguero ” if her personality had influenced her. “No, I feel that My personality makes me live the things I have to live. Always with authoritarianism , but one has to be real And you don’t have to be self-conscious because it’s going to happen or not Bill. If it happens to you, it’s because it has to happen to you“Argentina responded.

Nathi Peluso admits what a big change in her life was

The presenter of the entertainment space of Atrismedia Which broadcasts from Monday to Thursday from 21.45 days Antenna 3 He wanted to know why the first guest of the week mentioned on more than one occasion that she had felt before that she did not fit into life. “It happened to me since I was young, this test was not what people expected. The quiz was more hysterical or the quiz had a way of thinking, perceiving or feeling more exaggerated things. That picture that passed me a little bill, but it was the bill that gave me strength, gave me power, made me move on. The bill is sometimes interpreted as something negative and I feel that it is all that one has to live to become who he is“, Reflected Nathi Peluso.

One of Requena’s highlighted a clip from the song ” fat ” says that “When love does not give you freedom, you have to kill it coldly“The guest was asked to explain this phrase to him . “Sometimes, When love becomes like a chair, you feel self-conscious, sad, that you are not moving forward, that you are pulling a cart… It happens to many of us and in many moments of life. I feel like it’s an ultimatum to say Enough is enough. Well, it happened to me as it happened to many, many and I feel that it is a learning for life, ” said Nathi Peluso. “It is very difficult to let go of our hands, But that’s why I made a song for people to feel and give strength to it. That’s what it’s all about for me to make music, and that people feel this push from a friend who sometimes doesn’t have it. He hears it in a song and he has it. This is the task of music. It has happened to me with songs, even with more songs, I listen to them and they keep teaching me things”.

Nathan Peluso’s reflection on Love and freedom in ‘the anthill’Atrismedia

After watching the video clip of ‘abrinder Amar’, one of the songs of ‘Graca’, Pablo Motos confirmed that there is another song titled ‘Manhattan’, in which he talks about’haters’. “Not s… If I came to understand them, but One is to arm one’s armor to live in this context, in this ecosystem that now belongs to us as a society This test was at another time in a different way. I feel that one gets tired , and it’s part of learning“Said Nathi Peluso.

Nathi Peluso sings an excerpt from ‘envy’

Nathi Peluso sings part of ‘invia’ in ‘El Hormiguero’Atrismedia

Pooh, you don’t know how you feel, you don’t know. Nobody knew this song and I went through the creation of so much of all this, suddenly, to say It excites me a lot, electricity runs through my body… It’s not nerves, it’s something I hardly know. I’ve never felt anything so strong. The same thing happened to me the other day I had to sing this same song in Mexico, It’s like a bullet train went into my feet and out my nose. He is very strong“, An obvious enthusiast Nathan Peluso was noticed after singing live part of” envy”, another of the songs”fat”.

Nathi Peluso unveils Manas in El hermiguero

Nathi Peluso gave a hat and a T-shirt to Pablo Motos, who was curious to see if he had any mana. “It depends on what. To create I am very obsessive because I love excellence, obsessive competition. It’s a big part of my personality, especially when it comes to creation. It seems to me that excellence lies in detail and comprehensiveness and I am always looking for it. It’s kind of my obsession, I’m a little nervous about looking for those details“, Admitted loganese, who ended the interview admitted that she now has an obsession every time she goes to a hotel. “Now I’m on the subject of the pillow. Now I’m with a comfortable pillow because I’m contracted, I’m stressed, and I need my pillow. Therefore, my girlfriend told me to take my comfortable pillow in the bag, ” he confessed to the end.

Nathan Peluso becomes the jury of ‘the revs win’

Nathi Peluso becomes a jury in ‘winning courses’ at ‘El hermiguerro’Atrismedia

Nathi Peluso hallucinates with some animated sculptures… Created using scrap!

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