Will Smith and his quest for happiness: “I have learned to accept that I am not perfect”


Will Smith and his quest for happiness: “I have learned to accept that I am not perfect”

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EL actor Will Smith He has visited this Wednesday for the ninth time ‘Ant hill’, Where he presented the fourth installment of one of the most prestigious titles of his career: ‘Bad Boys 4. Ride or die’. The film will be released in theaters on June 7th. The film brings together the most famous cops in the world again, but this time with an unexpected twist, as the best cops in Miami escape.

Will Smith, despite the fact that he still had to go to ‘El Hormiguero’ again to become a member of the Platinum Club, entered the group by car to promote ‘bad boys 4. Ride or die ‘ from the beginning of the program. As soon as he descended from her, he did not hesitate to dance to the rhythm of the music that sounded, and then, excessively embracing with Pablo Motos, who both took a seat, he wanted to know how life was going. “Great, everything is fine, thank you very much for inviting me“Said the American.

Will Smith, on a visit to the Platinum Club

Although Will Smith has not yet joined the Platinum Club ‘El Hormiguero’, Pablo Motos wanted to get details with him and put together a video with the best moments of his previous visits. Today’s guest talks about”bad boys 4″. Ride or die’. “We actors always say that the new film is the best, but I think this is the best of the saga so far. “It has a lot of comedy and the chemistry between Martin Ermen Lawrence and me is almost as strong as the chemistry between you and Pablo,”the performer said with a laugh.

After a break for advertising, Pablo Motos was curious to know if it was difficult for him during the filming of the film not to laugh with Martine Lawrence. “Martin is a comic genius, he is very interesting to work with. I’m an actor who needs a script to do comedy, but Martin can make it right now. He is also the most honest person I know. He’s a great friend, Was highlighted by Will Smith, who is on a world tour promoting ” Bad Boys 4. Ride or die’. “I will visit eight countries in 14 days. There are so many cities in so few days, that I practically don’t get sleep, but it’s great to be able to travel the world“, Noted the representative from Pennsylvania.

Age and difficulty of action scenes

Before continuing to talk about the film, Will Smith took advantage of his presence at El Hormiguero to send a message to his fans in Spain: “I want to thank you for your support to me throughout my career“. Then the hermegueiro driver asked him how the action scenes were filmed. “Action scenes are more difficult when you are over 50 years old. In my opinion I’m 28 or 30, but on my knees I’m 80. “I’m at an age when I get injured even while sleeping,”the 55-year-old artist replied.

The presenter of the entertainment space of Atrismedia Which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 21.45 days Antenna 3 He asked what is the difference between watching Bad Boys 4. Ride or die ‘ at the cinema or watch it alone at home. “It’s better to watch the movie in the cinema because you see it surrounded by a larger number of people and those who are next to you are screaming and scared…“, Revealed Will Smith, who pays less and less attention to box office data. “In the last few years I haven’t been paying much attention to the box office topic Because you’re creating a project that you want people to like, There are times he likes it and there are other times he doesn’t“, He has noted.


Will Smith admitted that he was still nervous before he started shooting a movie. “I still feel very nervous. When I create a character and make a movie, I do it from the heart. He’s like he’s my son , he’s my baby and I want everyone to like it. So, the night before the start of filming, I don’t know if it will go well. I’m trying my best to make it so, but I never know how the movie will turn out. It usually takes a month of filming for my nerves to completely fade away“, The rapper also confirmed, who admitted what he does when he is nervous: “I start wandering around the House senselessly and only by walking around the house can I walk four miles“.

Pablo Motos wanted to find out if Will Smith was attached to a character and at the end of filming it was difficult for him to get rid of him. “Yes, it happened to me, which is very complicated and you have to be very careful. About 30 years ago, I made a movie called ‘Six Degrees of separation’ and got into the character so much that I fell in love with the actress who starred in the film with me, That was Stockard Channing. As an actor, You get so into your mind to create a personality, that your mind starts to believe that everything is real“, Explained the guest.

Will Smith’s meditation on happiness

The producer of the hermegueiro also asked him if he had asked to take a photo of another famous person. “To Michael Jackson, Prince, Halle Berry…“, Answered Will Smith, who told how he asked Michael Jackson. “We were at the awards ceremony, I saw him on the other side of the room, I forgot that I was also famous and started screaming like crazy“, Said the actor born on September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, who realized that the film with which he cried the most was starring. “I cried a lot with the ‘pursuit of happiness’. There are some concepts and some ideas in this film… And besides, as a parent, seeing yourself in this situation, it’s your worst nightmare. “I also succeeded with my son, with what I felt was real,”she said.

Finally, based on his experience and experiences, Pablo Motos asked Will Smith to share advice that he gives himself to be happy. “I think the most important thing for me is to learn to accept that I am a human being and not perfect. And this search for perfection can make you not accept yourself and lose self-esteem. In recent years, I have been forced to accept my shortcomings and learn to love myself a little more as an imperfect person as I am, ” concluded the American singer.

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