Anthill: Steve Aoki and the business that made him 12 million dollars in the Pandemic:” there are absolutely crazy people who pay anything”


Anthill: Steve Aoki and the business that made him 12 million dollars in the Pandemic:” there are absolutely crazy people who pay anything”

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‘Ant hill’ He was dismissed this Thursday week with a visit Steve Aoki, One of the most famous DJs and producers in the world, to whom he spoke Pablo Motos From his new album, which is titled ‘The proverb’. In 2024, the American is facing an intensive tour where he will give more than 250 concerts.

This is crazy. The energy is amazing“, Steve Aoki assured nothing more to take a seat after receiving Pablo Motos and the audience from “El Hormiguero”. As a record producer of Japanese origin, DJing was in Ushuaia Ibiza on the eve of his visit to the entertainment program of Atrismedia Which broadcasts from Monday to Thursday between 21.45 and 22.45 in Antenna 3. “I didn’t sleep much, in fact, like little. It was also the first show of the summer and Ibiza is one of the most important places for“, It was closed. The presenter wanted to get acquainted with the marketing’s a weekend when he has a lot of offers. “It’s really crazy, but I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years. I do between 200 and 300 shows a year , I’m very disciplined , I organize well and I also have a good time“, Referring to the last guest of the week.

Steve Aoki, then, has been talking about ‘proverb’, his new work. “Proverb ‘ is my ninth album. I’ve been playing music for a long time , but Here I return a little to Originis. You see that the ball is on the cover, which for M is like the center, nkleo, go back to my races, A dance music album, “said the founder of the music label Dim Mac Records, whose last single was” Heavenly hell”, translated into Spanish as” Heavenly hell”, the title of which caught the attention of Pablo Motos. “It’s actually a duality. It’s a bit like when you love someone, you love them for the good, and for the bad, you have to assume everything and there are things you hate but things you adore. It’s funny because in my shows I always start with the hell part and then with the heavenly part which is very funny, ” said the interviewee.

Steve Aoki Presents his new album at ‘El Hormiguero’Atrismedia

Steve Aoki reveals the origin of his famous stutters

In 2024, the show in Florida will have about 260 performances and the show in Requena was curious to find out the best nightclub he had ever seen in his life. “I think some of the best ones are here in Spain. I’m not kidding. Besides, my Spanish fans are amazing. When they jump, scream and sing, they know all the songs and it’s a blast. It completely touches my heart,” said Steve Aoki, whose identity is to give a stutter to someone from the audience at his performances. “I always want my shows to be special and different, Let them just be us. And for this you have to put new things that no one else does. Then, once, One night, I bought a cake and there was a crazy guy in the front rows who asked me to throw the cake at him, so I threw it at him, everyone went crazy and since then, I haven’t stopped. I’ve been throwing pancakes at my fans for 13 years since 2011, ” explained the 46-year-old DJ.

Steve Aoki says in ‘anthill’ the origin of his stutteringAtrismedia

Pablo Motos questioned Steve Aoki about a business where he worked during the pandemic, which was buying and selling trading cards, which made him earn 12 million dollars. “They are digital cards, non-redeemable tokens,it was a moment when they won because I was standing. I was looking for alternative ways to entertain myself besides doing music , because I couldn’t give concerts, and I’m obsessed with this whole world of non-exchangeable tokens, I love him and I’m still with him“, Narrated the artist born on November 30, 1977 in Miami, who was also asked by the producer of “El Hormiguero” about his most expensive vines. “I think my best Chrome, which is from Pokemon, is probably worth 1.4 million dollars. It’s a very, very special chrome. But just to give you an idea, Logan Paul, who is also a Pokemon collector, spent 5.2 million dollars on a chrome level higher than mine, so there are very crazy people who pay everything“, He replied.

Steve Aoki, passionate collector of CardsAtrismedia

Steve Aoki explains his philosophy of life in ‘anthill’

‘Do it yourself’ is Steve Aoki’s philosophy of life. “AndOr I think that everything is possible if you really put your mind to it. When I was in college, I started a record company with 400 dollars, formed a group that borrows equipment… Everything is possible if you set your mind to it and you are creative , so I have always looked for this creative side“, Explained the record producer, whose concerns include neurology. “Just as one does an analysis to find out that everything is going well in his body, it is important to study brain waves to find out that everything is going well in his brain. I am doing something called ‘neurofeedback’ to see how the frequencies and waves of my brain are and understand what my basal state is so I can improve it. Focus on the areas where I have difficulty , because I care a lot about keeping my body well but also my head“, Was revealed by the guest,

The philosophy of life of Steve AokiAtrismedia

Finally, the host of ‘El Hormiguero’ asked a guest this Thursday if he thinks humans can slow down aging. “I think it’s quite possible. I think that technology is advancing and that with the technological advances that we are witnessing, every time a technological leap occurs, the curve accelerates more and more, and we simply have to live until we reach that moment when it comes true, which I think is close. I firmly believe that there will come a time when people will say, ‘ before people are late.’ And I want, of course, to be one of those who say so, ” answered Steve Aoki, who does not rule out seeing him. “If we live a healthy and happy life we have a chance , so we have to try“, Steve Aoki was sentenced.

Steve Aoki’s advice for young DJs

Steve Aoki’s advice for young DJsAtrismedia

Keller gets a legendary bumble from Steve Aoki

Keller gets a legendary bumble from Steve AokiAtrismedia

Motorcyclists Steve Aoki and Pablo dive into the ice

Motorcyclists Steve Aoki and Pablo dive into the iceAtrismedia

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