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DEsenas of Photographers They were hovering in the small press room of Assen. It’s time to take pictures of morbidity. From nerds to see the greeting between Jorge Martin And who took the long-awaited place in Official Ducati: Marc Marquis. Also between octocampin and Pico Bagnaia, Future companions… Although Italian, which he prefers… a Bastianini.

The faces were different compared to Mugello, where Mark was very serious and martenator was laughing. Everything was different on Sunday night, it was eilerdens who was the Chosen One. “In the end, Ducati is a company. I think and I think that The Corsican cast, let’s just say, has always been on my side, You have always supported me and want me in this position. Something happened over the weekend in Mugello that is not within my reach or within the reach of my results to change my mind, ” madrilho fired. He was aimed at marketing, markets or CEO, Claudio dominicali.

One of the Cervera does not hide, but with nuances. “What if I sell the lady? Q, this is obvious. But the person I was talking to is Gigi dalegna“, A technical Gore and a person who makes sports decisions about signings.

Happiness… Elsewhere

Martin is the commander-in-chief and did not hide some regret, although he covers it with his words to justify his departure to Aprilia. “I told myself to make the decision With a heartBecause when you are happy, you are faster. In Aprilia they are going to love me Mrs. and“, He announced.

And if’ 1 ‘is transferred to the’ other ‘ Italian factory, Mrs. Morbo. Jorge has no doubt that the people of Bologna, in spite of everything, will help him win. “I trust that at Ducati They are going to be one hundred percent professional. It’s the lady, it’s been reported to me, I Tranquilismo“, He initiated it. This is when it is taken for granted, in addition, that his team Prima Pramac, Leave the desmosidic to Leaving with Yamaha. Two gb25s must be in order to 46 And GB – 24L Grisigny, where Lex Marquise is located.

Shot in the foot

What was so crucial was Alex espargar. “There is no dispute that Ducati has chosen one of the best riders in history, whether for his talent, ambition or hunger. But Ducati shot him in the foot. They have lost two very talented riders, and probably also two motorcycles. We’ll see if time gives them the reason”.

Big Brother revealed that his Plan B. Plan B The stay was in Grissini with GB-25, But it was not possible. “They decided on the official team and it’s even better because it’s every driver’s dream,” she admitted.

Pico, meanwhile, is, for some MS a favorite for Corona recurrence. “I am I wasn’t involved In the resolution. Jorge and Mark are very fast; Jorge’s competition is faster now because of his confidence and experience with the bike. It’s a new challenge to beat a new teammate. Mark is very smart and knows how to adapt to the team and improve”, Dec. Nerds are served… And extended. Asen is only the first course.

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