Jorge Martin warns Ducati: “he will be able to fight the title with other brands”


Jorge Martin warns Ducati: “he will be able to fight the title with other brands”

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Jorge Martin Tears at the announcement of Alex isbargar’s retirement from MotoGP. He is one of his best friends and a key person to. He catches him as a leader and does not know his future for 2025. Madrileo returned to send an assignment to Ducati, his current brand.


“It will be a very challenging weekend, and the great Le Mans result is already in the past. We have to focus on this one. In the past we had grip problems, but we have new ideas that make us go faster. In 2023, Aprilia was on another level, let’s see now. I have a lot of confidence on the bike and I think I can do a great job.”

Ducati’s official decision.

“I think the results of Jerez, Le Mans or here will not change. I understand the Ducati times, I hope they will decide in a couple of weeks. I’m deciding my future. I am glad that many factories are knocking on my doors. After Mugello, we’ll see.”

Excited for Alex.

“I talked to him last week and he told me he wasn’t going to cry and I told him I wasn’t. He was a very important person in my life. He is my friend and brother, although sometimes I look like his son. I have dined with L many times in Andorra. Marketing manager I was not excited! I’m glad for , because he will have more time for and his family. Now it will be difficult to catch him by bike.”

Hollow out in April.

“At the moment, it makes no sense to think about whether it could be a good option. There are European brands at a good moment of form , such as Aprilia or KTM, Honda and Yamaha will arrive. It remains to wait.”

Questions of the future.

“I’ve been asked a lot, countless times.”

Crying for Addis Alex.

“He was and remains a very important person in my life. I almost see him more than my girlfriend. To thank him for his sports career, he is the second driver with more races in history. He has helped me a lot since my childhood and is a reference for me. He is a generous Speer person, and this is what will highlight him the most: the generosity with which he treats us with his environment, he always thinks more about the rest, he is for everything, he does not put any obstacles and always tries to contribute, he is a beautiful person”.

Follow the leader after Barcelona.

“I don’t care about that now, the important thing is that we have improved from other years. Aprilia will not be too far away, this is important. Certainly, my goal here is not to win because it will be complicated, but to get closer to Aprilia and if we get closer, we will have some chances. Therefore, it’s my priority: to try to get the best out of Ducati, squeeze it to the limit and be able to score points.”

A good circle for.

“It’s a good circuit, two years ago I also took second place; last year, third and I was always fast. For H or for B it was always difficult for me to finish, Aprilia the last two years have passed very quickly, but it’s a circuit I like, we can go well, for sure it will be a big challenge because Marquez, Pico, even biziki I see strong on this track, it will be difficult to beat them, but we will have to move on.”

The future.

“There is nothing about my future. Obviously I understand the Ducati times, that’s what we talked about at the beginning of the year and it’s something we’re looking forward to. There’s no rush and I can’t control that. There is no point in giving it more thought. Obviously, I want to wear red, because now it’s the best bike, but I’m also flattered to learn that there are other options, that all the factories have knocked on my door. I’m happy with that and it means I’m doing things right. Wherever it is, it’s fine, but Ducati is still my first choice.”


“Alex told me. He is happy, content and image, tells me secrets.”

Fight for the title with Aprilia and others.

“It’s still not right to say that, but I think he will be able to fight for the title with other bikes. I think I am a rider who adapts a lot to the bike I ride and that has been seen over the years. I think he will have no problem competing with other bikes.”

A great start from or.

“I am confident that in the second part of the season there are tracks that suit me very well, there are very consecutive races, which I like, to pick up this speed and do well, it was already the same as last year. At the moment, this start of the season is the best in my career.”

The flow circuit.

“I like more from “stop and go”, more from hard braking. I’m not the best brake guy, but I can do a lot of turns on these types of circuits. Also, I’m not bad at Circles (flow). Whatever it was, you have to adapt, try to give the maximum and there is no more story. You have to go fast everywhere, and last year I was fast in all circles. Follow this line of action, which I think is correct.”

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