Bagnaia does not give Jorge Martin a choice and Mark Marquez saves the points in the end


Bagnaia does not give Jorge Martin a choice and Mark Marquez saves the points in the end

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Biko bagnaya wins the motorcycle race in Assen. The camp dominates from beginning to end, without giving a choice. Jorge Martin saved a good second place to keep 10 points ahead of ‘1’. Marc Marquez saved fourth place with a last-ditch attack on vialis and remains 51 behind martinator.

Alex isbargar was low. He had a fracture of the fifth metacarpal of his right hand. I also did not run the Aprilia test, Lorenzo Savadori, From rib injuries.

The weather has changed: haka Less heat And Mrs. wind. There were 22 degrees in the environment and 38 degrees on the asphalt. This opens the fan in the tires: Martin was going with medium and medium, in front of the hard and medium of bagnaya, and markoz or vialis. Acosta’s knees are hard and soft.

In Starting, bagnaya kept the first place From the pole. Vialis took second place and martinator moved to third. Mark won the match ahead of Lex to take fourth place.

Lex Raines are experiencing a strong all In the first corner. I flew out of the ears.

Jorge wanted not to lose track of Pico and overtook villales. Soon the octokampen imitated him. On one lap the top three of the overall standings were already in the lead.

Peter Acosta had an excellent startLike the whole beginning. In one and a half turns he is the fifth, surpassing Bender, Morbidelli or Lex Marquez. Marini was leaving on gravel.

The current Kampen took a little to take One second advantage, But madrileo did not flinch and force.

Framework Bizici completed the Black weekend With each one in Turn 9. I was going too far. Teammate Di giannatonio overtook Acosta.

Marc Marquez has been warned by sansin After only four laps by more than stepping on the green areas.

Martin had come to put himself in five-tenths of a Pico , but (1) repeat it In a big way, a half-second endorsement for prima pramak in one lap. What can I do!

‘Digia’ vein unleashed. He made a brutal bypass of the Mavericks in the final. Mir is falling.

Moments later, his victim Mark Marquis was to take third place. He was Additional statement, With from Lleida celando to Romani by passage.

Bagnaya managed perfectly The second advantage was mine. He kept Martin in a quandary, and little by little, he was expanding it.

After passing the equator of the test, Acosta began to suffer Mushimo. I had almost constant fears and ‘saves’. The rubber barely grabbed his back, causing Bastianini to grab and pass him easily.

Michael Oliveira was punished While going through the ‘long lap’ by stepping on the parts several times. I was 14 years old, but everything was worse because when I went through everything that happened outside and had to repeat it.

With seven laps remaining, another rare maneuver changed the top positions: ‘Digia’ was a mistake He took advantage of that… Vialis, who beat Fabio and Marc Marquez in one blow. Bastianini soon surpassed version 46.

Monster was coming ‘on fire’He was ahead of the older Marquis with a great interior design, although Mark had to go a little outside. I noticed that Di Giannantonio, that you are going to ’93’. But the Cervera competition is at the moment and the Acosta basic, but only for a moment.

Enya completed his great comeback, the house mark, by overtaking vialis in the chicane which earned him third place.

The excitement was only for fourth place, with vialis being chased by Mark, who was overwhelmed by ‘Digia’. Acosta falls and loses fifth place.

’93’ Super Maverick At the entrance to the final chicane. One of the Roses went a little long, but I resisted Di Giannantonio , although he was Penalties To step on the green and lose a place in favor of Fabio.

From above, Banya veins comfortably. Gun as he wanted and when he wanted. This is his third consecutive victory in Assen, after Mick Doohan, who won five in a row between 1994 and 1998. Martin was second only to the leader and saved the complicated Grand Prix.

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