Jorge Martin wins Jerez race at Cadas festival


Jorge Martin wins Jerez race at Cadas festival

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Jorge Martin wins the motorcycle race in Jerez At the kadas festival, which Marc Marquez does not get rid of. Acosta was the second. Even 15 pilots injured.

It was the sky Cloudy, But the track is practically dry, with 20 degrees on the periphery and 30 degrees on the asphalt.

In Coming out, Brad Binder was a game-winner for everyone From the fourth place. Martin pointed to Marc Marquez, who holds up bizici.

In fact, ‘ biz ‘ opened up and Lex Marquez and bagnaya were passing by. Alex isbargar falls.

Martenator will not allow sending Bender And I was overtaking him before crossing the finish line for the first time. Miller Crashed at Turn 13.

Mark saw Jorge’s shot and beat South Africa , but Brad is sparring And I was trying to give it back to her. When you’re looking for him, point something to both Mark and Lex bass.

The older brother reacted quickly and Ribas to the younger. This gave Martin air.

Bender wanted to take a cut, aggressive and try to beat bezicki and bagnaya in the first corner. But Brad touched Marco , who in turn displaces Maybe he got into an accident.

Soon it was Di Giannantonio The one who kissed the asphalt. I was struggling to score.

Martinator was forcing to make a quick lap to already take more than a second in relation to mark. Acosta was fighting with pastinini for fifth place. The monster, released by Bender, who was under investigation for the attack with bagnaya, won. Savaduri, Aprilia test, fall down.

But oktokambin did not give up and after the test he made a quick return to approach madrileo.

Cervera does not even think about it and Kaz to Jorge After a panic from his cousin pramak. The Super At the same, at Turn 8. The stands are roaring. Raines falls In the last corner. Augusto could save the effect for very little.

Something strange was happening: Lex Marquez , Brad Bender , bizici and Bastianini They crash Turn 5.

At the moment, Mark Marquis was injured. He returned, leaving stones everywhere. Back when I was driving, like in Austin.

After that, he was The bottles of the one who kissed the asphalt, Also in turn 5. It was crazy.

Jorge Martin sees himself alone, but with anxiety seeing that anything can happen.

Mark, in desperation, even touched Mir, who had to get out.

The judges decided that the eldest of the marquises had to give up the post. He was eighth after passing Oliveira.

Acosta had found himself in second place, while Dani Pedrosa He was trying to pass Quartararo for third place. Zarco falls Fighting with Morbidelli to be the fifth.

The victory for Jorge Martin was ahead of Acosta and Quartararo. It was the sixth RAL and Mark, Septimo.

Later, many drivers claimed that there was moisture in turn 5.

In general, Martin is the leader of the lady, with 29 points over Acosta, already in second place. “Pedro, Pedro, Pedro,” the tarmac shouted.

Classification of the Jerez motorcycle race

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