Cain West announces her sudden retirement :I’m not sure what to do


Cain West announces her sudden retirement :I’m not sure what to do

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EL rapper and producer Kanye West She surprised her followers this week with her announcement Retirement from professional musicOr at least leave it in the air. Through a text message sent to your friend Rich The Kid, The 47-year-old artist revealed his plans to move away from the music world.

I am retiring from professional music. Not sure what to doWest wrote in the group chat, according to a screenshot shared by the rich kid on Instagram Stories.

Rich the child’s reaction was immediate. “Retired? Why why why? How? People need your music. T, T and we left the biggest stamp on the culture so far“, Urging West to reconsider his decision and release more music in the future. Although Rich The Kid quickly deleted the publication of his story, the letter has already caused quite a stir among fans and the media.

Why can Kanye West retire from music?

Talk about withdrawal Kanye West It becomes even more important considering that Rich The Kid He is about his new release, Life is a gamble, July 19th. Ll will feature two collaborations with West, on songs ‘Give me 2 seconds’ and ‘plain Jane’. In addition, the album includes the participation of other big names such as Offset, Quavo, take off, Rob 49, featherweight, French Montana, PIA and Chief Keef, with West and Ty Dolla$Eggen as executive producers.

It is not clear whether Kanye West is serious about his retirement or this announcement is a marketing strategy for his upcoming project. His last album,’ Eagles’, reached number one on the Billboard 200 album chart, Despite being removed several times from streaming platforms and independently released.

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