Hermiguero: la Calle describes in “hermiguero” her time in a psychiatric center with only 14 years: “it was torture”


Hermiguero: la Calle describes in “hermiguero” her time in a psychiatric center with only 14 years: “it was torture”

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‘Ant hill’ The week began with a visit this Monday from the singer Kali, One of the most sought-after voices in the urban panorama at the moment. The debut album of the Catalan artist titled ‘Against all odds’ And this one, published on March 3, 2023, collects millions of’ streams ‘and’views’.

After Blatt entered and before the interview started, la Calle declared herself a fan of’ El Hormiguero ‘ since Nia. “I watch the show every night, and actually when it’s over, it’s time to go to bed. L M is a very sweet memory and When I saw that , I thought , ‘ some DA go to this show to be interviewed. And here I am“Said a Barcelona woman.

After this point, Pablo Motos began the interview by saying that the depth of the lyrics of La Calle’s songs is due to the fact that he has lived strong things and has the courage to tell them. “There were some moments when I was thinking about whether to take out the record or not, But since no one was listening to me at that moment, I didn’t care,” the guest noted on Monday. “In the end, Everyone is suffering, everyone has those pains that I show, and it seemed that he needed someone who dared to open up and tell his story“, He added.

Adolescence was not an easy stage for Kali, who remembered how it was. “It was complicated because I was a very dangerous and dangerous teenager. I was an injured girl, I was a girl with a lot of pain and a lot of anger and that’s what I say in my words and what I try to convey at my concerts. There are a lot of people who are very hurt and who have done a lot of Dao because they have done a lot of Dao. Therefore, there are a thousand ways to find how to heal those wounds,” the singer continued. “Life is a bitch, but it’s a wonder. Now over time I say that life blessed me with pain , because the fact of suffering so much allowed me to create art“, He has pointed out.

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In ‘ Oka ‘, one of the songs that make up’ Contra todo pronostico’, the artist recounts her week-long admission to a psychologist when she was 14 years old and Pablo Motos wanted to know what her life was like inside. “It was torture. When I think about whether to release this song or not, say that because I’m talking to people who are still dealing with these centers and The same practices continue to be done that in the end are torture, such as tying people to sleep for a week. This is how she tries to heal a sick person who needs a hug and is not allowed to talk to anyone and is cured so that she does not even know who she is and regardless of her diagnosis? There is a big problem in Spain That is, what we do with annoying people is to put them to sleep so that they don’t bother themselves. Then, I am ashamed and it hurts me a lot that today there are people who have to go through such torture Like a mechanical claim that is banned in European countries because it is torture, ” Kali revealed. “Tying a child to the bed, even for 10 minutes, is torture“, He’s back.

The host of ‘El Hormiguero’ asked the first guest of the week what was the worst thing in her time in a psychiatrist. “The worst thing was the realization that they could do whatever they wanted with me. The truth is that I was very unlucky , because I’m sure there will be centers where there will be wonderful people who really have the intention to change this , but in my case What I found at UCLA in sightboy was a group of psychopaths, probably underpaid, but treating each other like fur dogs and even having fun. I was there for a week because they realized after a week that I didn’t have to be there. I got there because of something that didn’t make any sense and because of a doctor who didn’t feel like stopping to see what was happening to me at home and why I was the way I was. She put me in a center where I didn’t have to be and treated me without the need for treatment“, Has been related to Kali. “I hope that what I am saying Here Now will serve so that tomorrow there will be greater control over this nonsense from centers where people are literally abused“, He was sentenced.

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The missing Amy Winehouse is the mirror in which la Calle looks at herself and who made her devote herself to music. “I’ve been singing all my life because my father was a musician , he played drums , and Music has always been in my house , but I decided that I should fight more for the music that healed so much by Amy Winehouse, Because I realized that she was through very similar things to Diamond and that In music I found the refuge that I found in places that hurt me and did not lead me to a good path. Therefore, for M Amy Winehouse was a lifesaver,although unfortunately she is… As a term, you saved my life. It is thanks to her that I am here today doing what I am doing,” explained the Catalan.

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