Biden and Trump discuss golf in the middle of the debate: “this is the biggest lie ever”


Biden and Trump discuss golf in the middle of the debate: “this is the biggest lie ever”

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SI there is a sport that can come out during The election debate in which Joe Biden and Donald Trump They held last night, that is Golf. It is known that both contenders for the presidency of the United States They are practitioners Trump also owns an important Empire related to this sport. The former president and the current president discussed many related issues , but When it comes to talking about physical education Where they are located, they cool golf.

The fact is that during the discussion they were asked Trump, 78, and Biden, 81, About his age and condition. The former president insisted that he easily passed multiple cognitive tests and was ” in very good shape.”And then he brags about it This year he had won two championships for “non-adult” clubs From golf. “To do that , you have to be very smart and you have to be able to hit the ball very far”, Trump’s seal.

Then the New Yorker criticized Biden: “He can’t send a ball 50 yards (45 meters)”. The current tenant of the White House Strikes Again: “When I was vice president , I reduced my handicap to six”, Confirms the president. Ademis, He challenged his rival to a match, but only if Trump carried his own sticks: “Do you think you can do that?”, Biden express.

The matter has not yet been settled , because Trump is qualified “The biggest lie of all” that Biden’s handicap was 6. Donald, Adi: “I’ve seen your alternative. I know your alternative.”. “Let’s not act like children,”Trump said afterwards. The president replied: “You are a child.”

Let’s remember that Donald Trump owns 18 golf resorts spread all over the world, Including mtiko Trump Turnberry – Definitely removed from the circulation of the British since the attack on the US Capitol – and Trump International Doral, Which hosts the Leaf golf tournament.

Donald Trump wins his club championship after making a great putt

One of the” non-grand ” tournaments that Trump brags about was the one held at the Trump International club West Palm Beach (Florida), which he won – shared the victory-thanks to the fact that he matched the match with his last hit. At the same event, but in 2023, Trump attributed to his participation 2.8.

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