When sports were a dream of a summer night in Madrid


When sports were a dream of a summer night in Madrid

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ANight, just last night, minutes before one o’clock in the morning, the moon was located exactly between the Earth and the sun, so that the luminous hemisphere of our planet could not be seen. I mean, the new moon. Last night, just last night, minutes before one o’clock in the morning, the second edition of the sports night ended, A free initiative of mass leisure and entertainment organized by Marca in collaboration with the Madrid City Council. It had as its central point, but not only the Plaza de Colne in Madrid, which for hours wore everything that, by the orders of Mother Nature, the satellite could not boast of.

On the way to Cologne, a full afternoon, the temperature tightened and the red shirts. Because the drug war against Germany coincided with the first activities. In fact, there were those who saw Merino’s goal, the unforgettable Merino goal, on one of the screens installed in one of the stands. The party was about to start with a party… Which, after all, is the best way to start the party. Sweat and some tears , because the selection of the source team has reached the semifinals. Sure, the evening promises.

From Germany to Spain and from Madrid to paradise. Athletics, cycling, football, American football, fitboxing, golf, fencing, teqball, climbing, basketball, Carcross, simracing simulator, softball, paintball, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, collective classes of foros, gaming zone… If there are doubts about which activity to attend, which by the way does not happen with those who decided to follow the great Chima Martinez to retreat, back and forth, the best thing is to abandon it. To wander, if expression permits. Because the extensive program of the event provides all kinds of possibilities, concentrated in terms of space.

And it was meters away from running to a light athlete or they are some kids trying to score a sedan. And it was a matter of seconds to listen to the men and women who will represent us in Paris this month or to enjoy the sport again whose rules we are still learning. It was a matter of luck, by the way , the one we had with La Roche Posay and quernsalaude as patrons, With their respective positions. From the visited Ms, so much so that there are queues. It was a security issue, those that contribute in terms of technology Movistar, Another origin without which sports night cannot be understood. It was a city issue, of course: The City Council of Jos Luis Martinez Almeida had turned around again through two of his advisers, Sonia Sia as the visible head in what sports touches and Cayetana Hernandez de la Riva as the host In the Salamanca region.

There are no pretentious speeches, hardly an official photographer during the tour. Because he wasn’t playing. The main character was a collective and the hours looked like minutes on any night that fell, and this even provided a respite on a day that was difficult but was not able to with sports. Quite the opposite, in fact. By the way, Si dared to try his luck with the bat. She was getting better through the stadiums even herself… He chose to give way to those who were waiting. And he wanted to remind Marka of what he had expected on his visit to the editorial office just 40 hours earlier: that the Sports Night would be the perfect culmination of the former joy.

And to all this, Movistar offers on a delayed basis the match of Alcaraz against TiVo, which the Spaniards won in five sets to reach the knockout stages at Wimbledon. That the sports day was crowded after the European Championship. Namely, in the bustle of the initiative, hapa, who was taking a break, thinks about the blows of the Spaniards. On the other hand, a break was necessary: it was enough to look at boxing practitioners or those group classes (Body Balance, Body Attack, Lee Mills dance, heart stones, body fight, Zumba…) At the same stage that it was just before midnight for Felipe del Campo and Radio Marca , with good night and good goals Where there was time to attend to everything. To the spectacle that was living in the arena, but of course also to the triumph of choice. This was the topic of conversation between the guests of the program and was already the subject of conversation between the above authorities. To speak out, there was talk of the incomprehensible arbitration of the nondescript Taylor. That surprised more than one, you look.

The grimaces kept pointing to the baskets, the bicycles kept going around the rink, the techball tables were contemplating the Virgin, climbing was something from Sputnik, American football was something from Madrid Bravos, the gaming and simulation area counted by dozens of wannabes, the Fernandez-Poggio sisters offered a golf exhibition… aCoelho won’t stop until he stops. And the families enjoyed it, because among the many groups of visitors with parents, sons and daughters prevailed. The little ones will want to try absolutely everything and find out who was the handsome one who refused it. Because sports also serve to train people. It’s health. It’s happiness. It’s life.

It was a Midsummer Night’s dream. It is not for nothing that the English playwright was also the one who put in the mouth of the characters of Macbeth that there is no night so long that he does not find the day. Fortunately, even if only to take the opposite, This time there was no day so long that I could not find the night. Sports, not just any one. The one in Madrid. The one with the brand. And that from everyone who wanted to enjoy it. So, new or not, the moon was a honeymoon.

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