America’s Cup 2024: America’s Cup 2024 simulation: calculations of all groups


America’s Cup 2024: America’s Cup 2024 simulation: calculations of all groups

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2024 Copa America, Which takes place in the United States, is already in play. The first two groups of each of the four groups advance from the group stage to the quarterfinals From a tournament in which Argentina, the world champion, defends the title.

It is assumed that Brazil is the biggest rival of the albicelist who crowns campin on the American continent, although it started badly. Also keep an eye on Uruguay and Colombia, who will have a lot to say in a competition that starts on June 20 and ends on July 14 (July 15 at dawn in Spain).

Group A

Argentina She did not fail at the premiere and imposed on Canada In the opening with goals from Julen Alvarez and Lautaro. In the other match of the group, one day later, Birchley They did not pass the preliminary result.

Group B < BR >

The first match started with a surprise. Ecuador He stayed with one less var through and, although he progressed after that, he ended up losing with Venezuela Who starts by taking a big step to get to the playoffs. Then, a Mexico It cost him, but super brave Jamaica, which aims to give pleasure to this American Cup.

Series C

Uruguay I followed the rules and won Panama. As he did United States of America, I.e. Super a Bolivia, Aim high and become a candidate for the title.

Series D

The most attractive combination, with Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Paraguay. Canarinha is a big favorite, but he did not show it with Costa Rica, which did not pass from 0-0. Colombia beat Paraguay in the other match.

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