Copa America 2024: if Argentina celebrates Uruguay’s victory, it makes a mistake


Copa America 2024: if Argentina celebrates Uruguay’s victory, it makes a mistake

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El Uruguay-Brazil relations It was a war. It was easier to see a shooting star than for a minute without a player on the floor. They even stuck to standing in the center of the field to watch the penalty shootout. Already in the shootout there were no kicks, only that was missing. It is possible that Argentina Celebrate Shara’s victory , because it ‘cleans up’ for Brazil From a possible end. Anyone who thinks this way could not be more wrong. The one in Bielsa has proven to be more dangerous than the gray Brazil, without football and without charisma.

It is difficult to find a photo of Indrek standing. They all come out on the ground. Uruguay beat Brazil 9 from the 1st minute in every possible way , even with Makras tactics such as an ugly push behind Araujo that caused Rafinha to come out defending his compatriot before his teammate. They tried to scare him And what they achieved was to give the feeling that they were afraid of him. Two weeks to blow out 18 candles, Indrek should take Char’s kicks as a compliment.

But how can ndiz laruga protest?

Uruguay is a team of meat ants. When he doesn’t have the ball, he bites. When he gets it, he moves to the rival territory to take the trophy to the burrow as quickly as possible. Shara’s DNA union with Bielsa’s style is a phenomenal thing. They showed in the Copa America that they know how to play football, that they know how to play hardball and that they know how to make matches a combination of hardball and football. With Valverde and Darwin as the visible faces of the new generation, He is taking it into account in the next major tournaments…

There is no Real Madrid or Barcelona for that matter. That is Uruguay And this is Brazil. And if you mess with one moose, you have to pay for it. That must be what I thought Ravinia, Who went to get his partner Araujo In defense of the Madridistas Indrek.

AraujoBy the way, he had to leave the wounded. With his hand on the back of his thigh and with the face of a few friends, he was left lying on the ground while the three Madridistas were worried about a: Valverde and Rodrigo Wan Indrek That he did not take into account the push that hit him a few minutes ago.

Is Vinicius ‘ Golden Ball in danger now? He was punished, and he had to watch his team lose from the stands in the quarterfinals, far from the title that would have guaranteed the prize almost automatically. With Bellingham alive in the European Cup… Perhaps the debate will be reopened.

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