How to watch America’s Cup 2024 for free in Colombia: live channels and matches


How to watch America’s Cup 2024 for free in Colombia: live channels and matches

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PAra suramerica, the company DirecTV through its channels and signals specialized Desports, became the usual owners and owners of broadcasting rights of FIFA and CONMEBOL events. Although every football association or federation in every country has official channels , such as In the case of Colombia there are Caracol televisin and channel Ren which are open and free channels , they have to negotiate with those who manage the rights.

Understand this and Less than a month after the start of the 2024 America’s Cup in the United States, a special edition due to the presence of 6 guests from CONCACAF to complete 4 groups of 4 teams, They began to figure out which channels would be the channels that would carry the excitement of the National Team Championship in each country. And there are A big surprise because there will be very few meetings that can be seen in Colombia without paying the DirecTV subscription TV plan.

However, In the case of Columbia , a new protagonist enters the game, since the sports channel Win, whose 50% belongs to the Ren channel and another 50 5 to DirecTV, They will have the opportunity to broadcast some matches. This is due to the association with the rights holder and because it is a paid channel, in the case of Express sports +wins.

Which channels will broadcast the matches of the Colombian national team in the Copa America 2024?

In the Gustavo Torres networks and Portal, Colombian specialist in matters of television, radio broadcasting and sports rights, Several details were known and this has given criticism to the national channels. However, due to the cost of transmission rights, Being a year in which the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are broadcast on the same channels and due to the exclusivity exercised by the rights holder, It is difficult to access more matches for free TV.

In the disclosed information, the following mentions were found for each country:

  • All 32 matches of the 2024 America’s Cup will be watched by D-sports and its various signals, including the DJ or online platform.
  • Caracol TV and RC-N channel will broadcast only 6 matches, at most, from the 2024 Copa America: 3 from the group stage of the Colombian national team, the final quarterfinal match of Colombia, one from the semi-finals and the grand final.
  • Sports wins will have a transition of 7 matches from the group stage and another from the quarterfinals, it is said that they can be both the choice of Colombia in these 2 stages and as many as Brazil and Argentina.
  • One of the semi-finals will be exclusive to de Sports, It could be the Colombia national team, depending on which side qualifies for the draw.

Which channels will broadcast Copa America throughout America and other parts of the world?

Without knowing the details of the number of matches and without delving into the variants that are in each bass, Realizing that the resources, interests and agreements with direct are different in each case, it is known that each country has already determined which channels will carry the event meetings that It starts on June 20 and its grand finale will be on July 14.

Some countries or territories have not been identified and this is why there are unconfirmed or pending data:

  • South American Games: de Sports (Direct)
  • Caribbean Games: ksport-CVM
  • Argentina: telefocean-tech sports
  • Brazil: Prax-SporTV-TV Globo
  • Canada: TSN (English) – RDS (French)
  • Colombia: Caracol TV and RCN win sports channel
  • Ecuador: equavisa-football channel
  • USA: Fox Sports (in English) – Toden / Univision (in Spanish)
  • Paraguay: unicanal-telefuturo-cent

These are Confirmed and announced , but last month there may be a new And advertisements for these same permits or other territories.

2024 Copa America groups

After the Copa America draw is held starting from December of the year 2023, The full picture of what will be the competition on American soil during the summer of 2024 is already known. With 2 Group headers from CONMEBOL and 2 from CONCACAF, the selected teams were divided as follows:

  1. A1: Argentina
  2. A2: for each
  3. A3: Chile
  4. A4: Canada
  1. B1: Mexico
  2. B2: Ecuador
  3. B3: Venezuela
  4. B4: Jamaica
  1. C1: United States of America
  2. C2: Uruguay
  3. C3: Panama
  4. C4: Bolivia
  1. D. 1: Brazil
  2. D. 2: Colombia
  3. D. 3: Paraguay
  4. D. 4: Costa Rica

Colombia’s 2024 Copa America schedule

Al With the knowledge of the groups, it was also determined which path will have at this initial stage ‘tricolor, Starting with Paraguay, then with the Costa Ricans and ending with the favorite and the head of the group, which is Brazil.

  • Group stage of Colombia at the 2024 Copa America

Date 1: Colombia vs Paraguay-June 24 (NRG Stadium, Houston)

– Date 2: Colombia v Costa Rica-June 28 (State Farm Stadium, Glendale)

Date 3: Brazil vs. Colombia-July 2 (Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara)

  • Colombia’s possible opponents in the quarterfinals, semifinals and final of the 2024 Copa America

If Colombia passes by as The first from Group D opponent to be the second from Group C (United States, Uruguay, Panam or Bolivia), That game would be on July 6 at State Farm Stadium, Glendale. If the ‘tricolor’ passes as the second, the competitor will leave the competitor from the same area C At the aligiant Stadium, paradise, it will be the same sixth day of the sixth month of the year.

In case of advancing to the semifinals, the opponent will be one of those who pass from Group C of their own category or a group they already know from Group D passing from the series. That game will take place on July 10 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

Therefore, in case of reaching the final or third and fourth place, you will find those who play in Group A and Group B. Recall that the consolation match is held on July 13 at the same bank of America Stadium and The final is on July 14 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

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