Barra: flick, Bajo mnemos / Marca


Barra: flick, Bajo mnemos / Marca

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LSports fans are delighted. Three big dates filling the agendas this summer: European Cup, American Cup and Olympic Games. But Hansi Flick He shouldn’t be thinking the same thing. The technician will not have enough time to impose his style, philosophy and idea of the game, since he has a lot of players attending international obligations and then he will have to take a few days off. If expectations are met, he will be able to start with only 9 members of the first team, and five of them return after being assigned to other entities. The Bara He is scheduled to return on July 10.

Flick and Deco are already planning 23-24FC Barcelona

The European Cup It has been running since Friday the 14th and Barcelona You have up to nine football players in history. At the moment, the only person who has completed his journey is Lewandowski, With Poland Eliminated last Tuesday 25. But the rest of the players of bar Irma will remain, at least, a few days older, because they belong to teams that have advanced to the eighth place. Ferran, Bedri , Vern and Lamin Yamal They are with Spain; TE. Stegen and Gundogan, With Germany; Conde, With France ; and Christensen, With Denmark.

Players who terminate their contract on June 30, will not be such Marcos Alonso, Not to follow. Sergei Roberto It is also difficult, today, to renew. On the other hand, there is an issue Hoos. The Barcelona He wants it Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo If they continue with Irma’s bar, it is very likely that both processes will be extended over time. In addition, the Portuguese are also disputing European Cup. No matter what happens , they will not be placed on orders The flick From the very beginning.

Ravinia’s excitement to remember that she almost quit footballCentral Bank of Bahrain

Players from Copa America They have a long championship ahead of them. The dates are similar to those in European Cup, Although I start bill later. In this case, Araujo, with Uruguay, and Ravinia, with Brazil. Both are still in the group stage, which ends on July 3.

And another section will be the players who, today, drag the inconveniences: Gavi, Baldi and de Jong. In Andalusia he worked in November and this June he started working on speed but without the ball. In the case of the defender, it is unknown to find out whether he arrived on time before the start of the season and missed the neerlands European Cup Because of the ankle injury that I suffered several times last year.

GAVI Alliance continues its recovery process


Therefore, the only players of Barcelona Who were part of the 23-24, are now enjoying the holidays normally, and they will be placed on orders from Hansi Flick From the first DA-Sun Igo Martinez , iaki B, Oriol Romeo and Vitor Roque. To these names will be added Kopar and Eric Jarka But the two Catalan players are called to challenge the Olympic Games.

Players who spent last season on loan in teams will also return from the very beginning, unless some find a way out first. Specifically, Eric Garca, Pablo Torre, Julen Araujo, Lex Valli, Anso Fati and Lenglet. Dist He must also return to discipline but he is carrying a serious injury that will keep him at least until January away from the stadiums.

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