Barra: a summit in London between Barcelona and Hansi Flick


Barra: a summit in London between Barcelona and Hansi Flick

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AAlthough there is no final decision on the future Chaffee All parties sat down to talk after Sunday’s meeting against Seville, Barcelona Follows Tracking the market. Hansi Flick It has always been one of the obvious bets of the entity when the Catalan said he would not follow the next path , and according to revealed Sport, Deco and Bogan This month they traveled to England for a summit with the coach.

The problem with The flick It’s the usual, economical. His cache is very high, after he passes Bayern Munich And the choice German. In favor , on the other hand, of the great relationship of his representative since February Benny Zahavi With Joan Laporta. With this background Panorama, the entity cul-de-sac retains a character Rafa Marquez On the sleeves.

It should not be forgotten that despite this movement of Barcelona, There is no public decision on the future of Chaffee. There will be a meeting next week to make a final decision , although no less correct Laporta He remains firm in his idea that he should not continue on the bench. At the moment, the sports director of Bara And coordinator Football area From the club in England a German test.

Xavi: “the club gave me peace of mind and confidence”

Specifically, it’s only been a week since the whole affair broke out Chaffee. Technical remarks last Wednesday, in a previous appearance committed to the AlmiraThey didn’t like anything Joan Laporta He did not even travel with the expedition to the Andalusian lands and began to firmly reflect on the inconstancy of the exmedio. Since then, the Addis del catalen, after the start of the Atres last April 24, has been gaining integers every passing day.

Reasons why Laporta Dodgers Cesar to Xavi: data and something more

Extensive experience in Germany

Interestingly, at the age of 59, The flick He has always been active in his native country, both as a player and as a coach. His career in active PAS is between Bayern Munich, The team with which they have won four league titles , and Colin. He ended his active career at the age of 28.

As a technician, the former broker began his journey in Third, In the Hoffenheim But his two most important stages were in Bayern And in Selection. In 2019 it reached the German entity where it coincides with Lewandowski.

Lewandowski on the presence of Hansi Flick as a Barcelona technician: “he is a very good person…”

In his first season he managed to win the treble by declaring himself a Campeonato Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and Champions League And after that, raise German Super Cup, European Super Cup and Club World Cup. In 20-21 I won Bundesliga But I don’t keep going. In May he started a new phase as a coach until September 2023.

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